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I have the same problems with my group - outside of game time, they can't be bothered with looking up stuff. Also, if we have a cloud let's make the most use out of it!
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Originally Posted by the_redbeard View Post
One thing I've done in past campaigns was to give experience bonuses for folks that have written play reports. That got at least the writers interested in logging on to Obsidian Portal, which is what I was using at the time.
I do the same thing. Before RW I posted the log to Obsidian Portal. One player actually posted a couple of times his character's point of view, but it didn't last long. One player has taken on the bard/secretary role and I give her extra experience. I used the Player Synopsis to create a Journal Entry container and Further Information for each journal entry/game session. I also include who was there, XP, and any player and or GM notes for next time. I think that section is visited the most by a few players than everything else, but that's fine with me. The journal helps them remember what happened in the past and everything else helps me run the game.
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