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Old November 27th, 2020, 03:11 AM
I am trying to create a fighter with Alchemist Dedication and have noticed that the Bombs weapon group seems to be missing as the Fighter's Weapon Mastery and Weapon Legend's choices.

Maybe I'm getting something wrong, but the CRB states that alchemical bombs are martial weapons (they are not advanced), so wouldn't a Fighter be able to choose their weapon group?
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Old November 27th, 2020, 05:35 AM
I can't think of a reason they shouldn't so I'm going to add this to our list of things too look into. Nice catch!
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Daniel V
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Old November 27th, 2020, 10:57 PM
Might lie in the nuance of the bombs weapon group, but without refreshing I'm not sure. I know they are martial weapons, yeah (weirdly not simple), but not recalling the specifics on their grouping/validity there, if there might be conflict. But yeah, as Hollis said, we'll look into it.
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