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Homer S
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Old October 29th, 2010, 05:39 AM
I'm working on fixing a bug with variable squad sizes adding a count 2 child. It works correctly when the parent unit size is fixed but not when the parent size is variable.

Here are the specifics:

Working - IG Company Command Squad adding a Heavy Weapons Team. Initial model count is 5, adding the HWT reduces the parent size to 2 and adds a child of size 1, count 2.

Not Working - Death Korps of Krieg Engineer Squad adding a Mole Launcher. Initial model count is 5, adding the MLT reduces the parent size to 2 and adds a child of size 1, count 2. The issue is now the maximum size of the parent (effective) becomes 9 total and not 10. So the full size Squad should be 7 parent/1 HWT (count 2)/1 Sgt. It is 6/1/1.

Coding - I tried using just count = 2 on the child and that did not seem to work. I had to add entity.count[model] = entity.count[model] - 1 to the option eval to get it to behave correctly for the fixed parent size case. The child is marked as effective.

It looks to me after doing some additional review, that the Count applied to a child unit is not behaving as expected. I would expect the child would appear as (count * # of models) to the parent and it is only appearing as (# of models).

Any thoughts?


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