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Old December 24th, 2012, 01:59 PM
For those wondering if HL plays nice with Windows 8, I have recently installed it on my Lenovo Yoga 13. Since it isn't a "Windows App" it runs in desktop mode, but I have a shortcut directly to HL on the Modern UI start screen, and it runs just fine.

That said, the teeny-tiny nature of many HL buttons does mean that touch mode on the Windows version of the program is not the easiest thing on this particular device - it lacks a pen/tablet interface, so you are limited in precision to the size of your fingertip. I guess it is a tribute to touchscreen technology that folks like myself with large hands can use the thing at all, but sometimes it takes me an extra poke at the screen to check a box.

I am thoroughly enjoying HL on this device in general, it is so much improved over the netbook I was using that it isn't even funny, and this tablet is significantly more gaming-table friendly than my big 17" laptop. I refuse to go the iDevice route, simply because I can't justify a computing device that doesn't allow me to have HL, Combat Manager, and Google Docs open simultaneously. I suppose a MacBook Air would let me do that, but at a much higher price point than this tablet.
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