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Old November 17th, 2018, 03:58 PM
i pretty much deleted a bunch of apps on mine (i think ipad mini v2). it still works witht the last update (nov 18). using herolab on it at this point is like driving around a beater car, waiting for the muffler or something to just fall off lol

until then, just keep drivin drivin drivin
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Old November 19th, 2018, 09:41 AM
Originally Posted by Parody View Post
FWIW: iPad 2 is the thread title, but the iPad "3" and iPad Mini "1" are also limited to 9.3.5.
For iPads with Hero Lab Online we require 4th generation or newer running iOS 10 or higher (to ensure a modern-enough version of Safari).

From the System Requirements page for Hero Lab Online in our store:
System Requirements
Hero Lab Online is a web-based application that operates through your web browser over an internet connection. Due to a few of the more advanced mechanisms employed, this product currently only supports more recent versions of the major browsers on each platform. While it’s possible that older versions and other browsers may work, they are not officially supported at this time. Below is a summary of browsers and the minimum version required for prominent platforms:


Chrome V63 or higher
Firefox V57 or higher
Edge V16 or higher

Safari V11 or higher (requires OSX El Capitan or newer)
Chrome V63 or higher
Firefox V57 or higher

Chrome V62 or higher
Firefox V57 or higher

Androids phones and tablets running Marshmallow or newer
iPhone 6 or newer running iOS 10 or higher
iPad 4th generation or newer running iOS 10 or higher
Note! Older devices may work, but it may also be a suboptimal experience
Note! If a platform or browser is not listed above, it may work in an acceptable manner, so you are welcome to give it a try. However, those platforms and/or browsers are not officially supported, as we have not formally tested the product in that environment. That said, the following browsers are NOT supported due to inherent limitations: Internet Explorer (any version), Safari V10 and lower.

Important! On devices with cellular service, Hero Lab Online utilizes your data plan just like any other website or web-based application. All costs associated with the use of any data plan are solely the responsibility of the consumer.
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