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Old August 1st, 2019, 12:33 PM
In HLO Fighter Perception Traning is Untrained

In the Book- Fighters are Expert in Perception
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Old August 1st, 2019, 04:41 PM
The general feat "Increadible Investiture" shouldn't have that extra "a" in the name.
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Old August 2nd, 2019, 02:56 AM
Some changes have been made to HLO since I posted this so I am updating my post to reflect those changes. I also wanted to point out that many of us have been posting our issues on the forums, but Wolflair has asked us to use the built in bug report feature of HLO. The forum items do not make it into their work order system. To access this feature just click the gear in the top right of your HLO. I will be using that feature going forward.

I have been playing with the new PF2 HLO today and encounter a few issues..

1) I was creating an NPC Ranger character and found that the Ranger is not getting the benefit of weapon mastery at level 13. I moved the NPC all the way up to level 20 and it never got better than expert with a longbow. This appears to have now been corrected.

2) With the same character: Perception reads as only expert when in the class/ranger section. It does however show the correct legendary perception when viewing the character in play mode. This is very confusing. This apparently was my own lack of understanding. The part under the Ranger section is showing initial training only whereas the play mode is showing all enhancements to the training.

3) As a GM I of course added the bestiary to my account and begun trying to build creatures. I soon found that the available choices where not complete.. for example a young white dragon is the only dragon in the list... what about adult or ancient... heck what about the other 11 or so types of Dragons? I am extremely dissapointed that I paid almost the same amount of money for the bestiary in HLO as it would cost to buy the PDF. (~$2 less than the PDF.) I also do own the PDF and my Paizo account is linked. Isn't linking a Paizo account supposed to get a discount to this material? Wolflair has now said that the bestiary is a pre-order item. While this makes me happy that what I currently see is not intended to be the full release I also wish that it had said "Pre-Order" somewhere on the screen before I ordered the item. I also still think the linked Paizo account should in some way be helpfull.

4) I am surprised that allowing wealth to be moved into containers wasn't a priority before launch day of PF2. Without this feature players will need to stop tracking their wealth in HLO and go back to keeping it on paper or in notes online. I dont know about anyone else but one of the things I have always loved about HL was the ability to calculate purchases, and choose where all of a character's belonging are. That way if a cutpurse hits one of my players and takes one of their pouches I can ask what they had in that pouch and there are no questions. Additionally without this feature any character over 7th lever or so will most likely show as forever encumbered if they dont invest in strength as they level. They need to be able to move their wealth to custom containers say in their houses or even into a bag of holding. The current fix for this is to remove the wealth via a negatime number in the journal and add the coins as a note in the contiainer of your choice. This then means you have to to all the addition/subtraction yourself when buying or selling items. While this is obviously not hard it is still a feature that is supposed to be available and working and therefore frustrating that I have to go through this extra step with I tool I purchased specifically to make things easier and faster.

Aside from the above I also noted a number of places today where menus were empty or missing (unabable to select a cantrip for use with the "Otherworldly Magic" feat for example). Many times I actually had to reload my browser to see a change that should show up without need for a manual refresh. Yes, there were performance issues today as well, but I can ignore that for the first few days especially durring Gencon. I expect the performance issues will resolve in days to come.

As a fan of wolflair products and an owner of Army Builder, HL Classic for Shadowrun and Pathfinder, Hero Lab Online, and Realmworks I have given my share of praise for the products to my family and friends. I have to say however that today I was a little dissapointed that the launch of PF2 was not superior in any way to the playtest, and in many ways felt like a step backwards. Lastly... PATCHNOTES! Where are they? Multiple mainentance windows have come and gone with no information. Remember communication is needed to keep customers happy and willing to invest in your product.

Thank you for reading and I hope the right people take what they can from my rant and make improvements. I very much want this tool to succede and am looking greatly forward to the encounter builder and party features, but I think a little more polishing is needed on the main functionality first.

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Old August 2nd, 2019, 03:36 AM
To Add to the list of game bugs: I assume Fighter dedication should require Str 14 *or* Dex 14, not Str 14 *and* Dex 14, right ? Currently it uses AND.
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Old August 2nd, 2019, 07:39 AM
Fighter Dedication in the pdf currently has a comma between Strength 14, Dexterity 14. Other feat requirements with a comma are an addition to. Hoping this is an error and will get an errata, but the way it is written in the CRB right now, it is coded right. Not the way I will use it in my campaign though.
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Old August 2nd, 2019, 09:12 AM
I just checked with the Beta version BTW - there it used to be "Strength or Dexterity 16". While the change to 14 is fine, I think changing the "or" to an "and" should not be done.

I noticed the whole thing when trying to copy over an existing character who used to be a Paladin with fighter dedication, and with the Playtest Game System this worked. With the non-Playtest version it doesn't.
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Old August 2nd, 2019, 11:14 PM
Armor Training does not seem to be working. It did not give training in heavy armor when I added it to a cleric.
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Old August 2nd, 2019, 11:30 PM
My gnome rogue is trained in "shorts"


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Old August 3rd, 2019, 04:47 PM
Originally Posted by Alewis View Post
My gnome rogue is trained in "shorts"
Sorry, he's too small for trousers!

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Old August 5th, 2019, 05:49 AM
1. Daze cantrip is the playtest version, not the 2E release version.

2. Cantrip Connection Familiar Master Ability doesn't work with bards currently.

3. Familiar doesn't have Background tab, so you can't add languages even after selecting the speech Familiar Ability.
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