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Provides the Variant Channeling: Bravery/Valor (Positive) "Conferred Ability Adjustment" for the adjust tab for use by character affected by that ability.

  <thing id="pVCBW" name="Variant Channeling: Bravery/Valor (Positive)" description="You are affected by a Clerics’s Bravery/Valor Variant Channeling’s effect.\n\n{b}Calculated Effects{/b}: Creatures affected by fear may attempt another saving throw and receive a channel bonus on the roll. A creature unaffected by fear gains a sacred bonus to its Armor Class until the end of your next turn and on its attack roll if it makes a charge attack before your next turn.\n\nThe bonus is +1, increasing to +2 at cleric level 5 and for every 5 cleric levels thereafter (to a maximum of +5)." compset="InPlay">
    <fieldval field="pMinimum" value="1"/>
    <fieldval field="pMaximum" value="5"/>
    <fieldval field="pDuration" value="End of cleric’s next turn"/>
    <usesource source="UltMagic"/>
    <tag group="Helper" tag="AdjConfer" name="Conferred Ability Adjustment" abbrev="Conferred Ability Adjustment"/>
    <eval phase="UserPreLv" priority="1000"><![CDATA[
      ~ If we're not enabled, get out now
      doneif (field[pIsOn].value = 0)

      ~ Add to AC
      #applybonus[BonSacred, hero.child[ArmorClass], field[pAdjust].value]

      ~ If the hero isn't charging, get out now
      doneif (hero.child[pstChargin].field[pIsOn].value = 0)

      ~ Add to attack
      #applybonus[BonSacred, hero.child[Attack], field[pAdjust].value]
      #applybonus[BonSacred, hero.child[ManeuvBon], field[pAdjust].value]
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