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Old June 11th, 2013, 04:53 AM
If each player was connected on the cloud it would be awesome if the DM could have player specific information sent to a player and not to the whole group, here are some examples:

1. When all players make a perception role, the successful players would get bits of information revealed to them based on the level of success which they then would role-play the information to the rest of the party.

2. The party goes to a village that one of the characters lived in when he was a boy, the DM can feed that player with information from his "memory", he presents to the group general information, but specific knowledge to the player character that again creates more dynamic role-playing,as the player character says that lady over there is one of the town elders, or that Tavern is known for its skulduggery ect ect .

3. During a long encounter one of the players is knocked unconscious, instead of him idly sitting there the DM has a intricate dream prepared for each player in Rw the dream is downloaded into that players "memory" information box,that leads the character on a fantastic inner realm journey, perhaps revealing clues in a later portion of the campaign. So instead of a board player when the player character is healed and conscience again he has an elaborate dream to share with his comrades.

4.Books and scrolls, historical accounts, all sorts of information, can be downloaded to that player so that he is occupied while the Dm is working with other players .

5. DM can let party split up and Handel all six players going in six different places as he can down load that experience to each players "memory" window.

6. player can secretly send messages back to Dm and information exchange can take place from a one-to-one basis.

this feature would put so much role playing and excitement back into the game
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