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Old May 15th, 2018, 07:38 AM
This release enables support for Dead Suns character content. Buy this package now to add it to your account.

Note that when you purchase Dead Suns, your browser window may not reflect your new purchase until you refresh it. In the future, we hope to remove this limitation.

Also note that existing characters will NOT have Dead Suns enabled by default. To enable Dead Suns content for an existing character, go to Character > Settings and check the box for Dead Suns.

New Features
  • Support for Dead Suns

Changes and Improvements
  • Adds a notification indicator to the app header whenever there is a pending release. Clicking this indicator will open a window containing a message from the Hero Lab team, usually linking out to a forum post or news post with more information. This indicator will not be present if there's no upcoming release.
  • Adds a table for customizing the weapon spikes armor upgrade in its details view
  • Adds armor special properties table to the details view for armors that have such properties.
  • Allows NPCs to shift individual weapons from the Low to High attack column, or vice versa.
  • Allows NPCs user to apply a flat + or - to any attack
  • The user is now required to type DELETE into the confirmation dialog when deleting a character
  • Replaces the login page on Safari V10 and lower with a message that a newer version of Safari is required

Bug fixes
  • Fixes a problem in Safari that caused table headers to render incorrectly
  • Fixes a performance problem causing the character library window to momentarily "hang" when entering search text.

Game Mechanic changes and fixes
  • The Divine Champion archetype was reporting a validation error the user could not resolve.
  • A multiclassed character was gaining the benefit of weapon specialization with all weapons any of their classes were proficient with if any of their classes had gained the Weapon Specialization ability.
  • The custom PC race was missing a way to set the race's size.
  • Grenades for NPCs were adding the CR to damage.

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