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Daniel V
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Old May 5th, 2022, 11:09 AM
Our march for adding die roller support to things continues. Most abilities in PF2 now have die roller support, so damage can be rolled for your dragon's breath weapon or the like. We're still working on getting the abilities in AP content set up, so don't be alarmed if something there is missing, but we wanted to get the bulk of stuff out to you guys this week. Hope you all enjoy, and look forward to more stuff in the weeks to come!

Important Highlights
  • PF2 - Abilities are now able to roll dice for their effects, such as damage.
  • PF2 - The PFS settings for Book of the Dead have been applied.

The Nitty Gritty

Changes and Improvements
  • Added the ability to quickly adjust the result of a roll by clicking on it, which opens a menu where the adjustment can be made.
  • Added message when dice rolls are updated by other changes in the dice roller.
  • PF2 - The Creature Adjustments table now appears beneath the Ancestry selection table for NPCs, allowing addition of adjustments such as Elite.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed modifying rolls with effects causing the effects to disappear.
  • PF2 - Aeon stones could not be moved into to wayfinders.
  • PF2 - The cleric's Divine Font ability was always granting at least 2 additional spell slots, rather than a minimum of 0.
  • PF2 - The Reanimator Dedication feat was incorrectly reporting an error that expert in Religion was required.
  • PF2 - The automaton's Rain of Bolts ancestry feat was missing a prereq for the Sharpshooter heritage.
  • PF2 - Healing for the two-action versions of harm and heal were not scaling with level.
  • PF2 - Undead eidolons have had AC bonuses added per future errata, as they were missing in the book.
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