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Old April 30th, 2019, 07:42 PM
If I build a PC on a copy of Hero Lab that has SoM installed and then open it on a copy that does not have SoM installed, I get an error:

Errors were encountered when loading the saved portfolio! If you notice incorrect behaviors in your portfolio, please report it to the data file authors (you can contact them from the Help menu).

Critical information not found in data files: Source 'None'
This happens even if I have disabled SoM in the hero configuration.

I did some digging, and if you crack open the .por file and poke through the lead1.xml file it contains a line like this:

<source source="pSoMFtTrNo" name="None" count="1"/>
I think this means that the there's a source defined which does not have a name. Therefore it does not appear in the hero configuration screen, and cannot be disabled there.

It can be disabled by setting the count attribute to zero in the XML, but that's a clumsy workaround at best. Could you please give whatever that is a name? Thanks.

EDIT: two updates.

First, setting the count to zero doesn't actually help -- it suppresses the initial error above, but instead introduces a validation error in the PC that says "Source 'SoM: Feats traded for Talent Progression': Does not satisfy child selection requirements." So that's no good as a workaround.

Second, I'd just like to add that the main problem with this happening is that my GM does not own the SoM packages, so if I email this .por file to her she's going to get the error every time she opens it. If it were just my own copies I would install SoM on all of them and be done with it.

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