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Old July 30th, 2016, 06:46 PM
So I tried reinstalling the community pack, which resulted in causing the error again. Thankfully, I was able to figure out what the error was (a new thing in the SRD file had the same ID as a thing in my user file). Resolved the error (deleted thing from user file). All is right with the world.

Thanks all!
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Old July 30th, 2016, 08:32 PM
Been there, done that . . . more than once.

Watch your back, Conserve your ammo,
and NEVER cut a deal with a dragon!
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Old August 16th, 2016, 09:49 PM
Can we get the legitimate D&D 5e character sheets implemented? They have the PDFs available for download on their site, lets get this incorporated into HL please.

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Old August 17th, 2016, 02:21 PM
@Philth: To help move your request along more quickly, you may consider participating in creating character sheets as part of the community effort. I'm sure the team of volunteers would welcome all the assistance they can get.
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