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Old April 9th, 2019, 05:19 PM
Hotfix (4/17)

Note: If you are on build 1F74A1C (from Tuesday) please make sure to refresh your browser to use the updated build 8EDA252.
  • Fixes several issues with the (non-beta) Print option:
    • Fixes being unable to scroll the printout
    • Fixes being unable to print more than the first page of the printout
    • Fixes a garbled version of the application header being included in the printout
  • Fixes a (harmless) error message which sometimes popped up on login, especially on mobile devices

Major changes - Layout and navigation overhaul
  • The app has received a major change to navigation and layout.
    • The left tab navigation has been replaced by the left navigation pane, which is now present in most views.
    • The summary panel has been moved into the right side panel, which is now present on all character views
    • Both panels are available on all device sizes.
      • On small devices (such as phones), opening the panel will slide it over the content. Click or tap once to navigate, and the panel will close automatically.
      • On medium devices (such as tablets in portrait mode), up to one panel may be "pinned" open. The content pane will adjust automatically so that the panel is not covering it. The other panel may still be temporarily overlaid, and you can easily swap which panel is pinned open using the pin button.
      • On large devices (such as tablets in landscape mode), both panels may be pinned open. Depending on your exact device size, you can still choose to collapse the panels to provide more room for the content.
    • Portrait-mode tablets no longer have a special "tabs across the top" navigation mode. Instead, they use the same panel-based model used on larger devices.
    • Phones no longer have a special, dropdown-based navigation model. Instead, they use the same panel-based model used on tablets and larger devices.
  • This change is primarily a forward-looking one, giving us room to expand the features of Hero Lab Online in the future in a way that has a consistent and unified layout and navigation scheme. As we bring new features online, you will see more and more of them leveraging the capabilities afforded by these changes. Even now though, these changes bring some new capabilities that were not on offer before:
    • The character navigation, available in the left navigation panel, now has collapsible headings that expose all sections within them. This should make it easier than before to find the section you were looking for without extra hunting around.
    • The character selection screen now sports a full, expandable folder tree, accessible from the left navigation panel on all devices.
    • The character summary panel was previously available only on larger device widths. It's now available on all devices in the right side panel.
    • The character summary panel was previously not available on the Play tab. It is now available on all character tabs in the right side panel.
    • A new Character Switcher view is available in the right side panel for characters that have minions. You can keep the side panel pinned open (on large enough devices) to allow for quick switching between the main character and the minion
  • Future Plans
    • Allowing panels to be resized by the user
    • Adding a swipe gesture to switch between views on touch devices without opening the navigation panel

Changes and improvements
  • Updated the bug report form
  • Revises tab title bars to display "Tab > Section" for more clarity
  • Character summary portraits can no longer open Character Portraits dialog.

Bug Fixes
  • Overhauled connection handling. This should result in fewer connectivity disruptions, better automatic reconnection, and fewer instances of common error messages popping up, e.g. "Cannot send data if the connection is not in the 'Connected' State".
  • Fixes the reconnecting badge on the application menu not showing up
  • Fixes items in the Character->Settings screen not resizing correctly in some cases
  • SF - Fixes the "special materials" table being missing from the details of some items, notably weapons

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Old April 16th, 2019, 02:15 PM
awesome, much improved navigation interface!
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Old April 17th, 2019, 11:05 AM
Originally Posted by dacoobob View Post
awesome, much improved navigation interface!
Glad you like it!
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Old April 19th, 2019, 12:09 PM
I like the direction this is going, but I think the pinning and collapse toggles are a tedious combination. I would personally make it just the latter if I could, and get rid of the animation delay when collapsing/uncollapsing a panel. I think it's also a lost opportunity to not keep the left panel when collapsed as a column of icons that can be clicked to go to the different sections.
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