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Snow Crash
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Old September 12th, 2022, 06:52 PM
Is it still possible to purchase classic herolab with the 1st Ed pathfinder rules.

Really not a big fan of HLO and was going to start a new campaign today
But cannot purchase pathfinder 1st Ed as it no longer appears as an option

Any ideas?
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Old September 12th, 2022, 09:31 PM
If you buy PF1 from the Hero Lab Online store you have it in both Classic and Online. Same for any content packages you purchase.

If you already own other systems in Hero Lab Classic, follow the instructions to link your Classic account with an Online account before buying anything.

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Old September 13th, 2022, 05:26 PM
Anything you buy for either, you have for both, as far as sources go.

If you're not interested in Hero Lab Online, don't pay for a subscription.
Just buy the books that you're interested in.

Or maybe gradually add books over time.
I'd add a package or two, on every paycheck for quite a while, but eventually got all the pieces of HL that I wanted.
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