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Old June 25th, 2006, 05:10 PM
The user found this in the current release of the Starship Troopers file:

Order for the USTSL and WASP pack errors: Create roster, select power suit platoon, select PL (any), pick random trooper and give him a new weapon*, uncheck the same box for the same trooper and look at his equipment. If a weapon was chosen, once it's unchecked the trooper will have a morita with USTSL, if it was an M8 or M9 he'll have a WASP.

Interestingly enough, if you pick a Sgt, he doesn't get the USTSL error but will get the WASP pack error.

*Weapon upgrades that will generate the errors: M8, M9, sniper rifle, triple thud, hel infantry flamer, javelin, javelin w/ falcon, rapier AA launcher.

Cheers and thanks a million,


What in the...yup, that is most certainly what happens. Uh, give me some time on that one; I'll start working it. The trench sweepers and wasp packs fix apparently wasn't. *sigh*. It looks like a timing issue; if you select someone else for a special weapon, it resets correctly.

The part I'm stuck on for trouble shooting it is that part if you give someone else a weapon upgrade...without doing anything at all to the trooper, it resets correctly? I'm guessing its an evaluation order problem, but how is it re-evaluating something with no changes?
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