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Release Notes: Be sure to print or remember your build-outs as many saved rosters will not work. You can of course re-create them, unless they were illegal build and I finally caught them with rules validations.

• Bug Fixes (Typos, other small stuff)
• Multiple weapon upgrade unit selections errors fixed (Units were stacking weapon bonuses).
• Options/Equipment/Magic definitions amended to use consistent terms.
• FAQ checked to ensure that they all have made it into file. (Jan13 FAQ's withstanding)
• Created validation rule for Tomb King Hierophant to be highest wizard level.
• Created validation check for duplicate Disciplines error on Slaan Mage-Priest.
• Modified unit stats via Prelink so the correct starting Save stat is shown in the Available Units window. This affected many characters and some units in all armies that had armour upgrade options.
• Fixed Vampire Counts Nightmare mounts that come with barding not having Mv Stat adjusted.
• Fixed Beastmen unit upgrades that have a Special Character champions not being restricted when Forbid Special Characters is enabled.

Please if you find a bug or text error please try and cite the error and provide a book page reference or in the case of FAQ errata, cite the army FAQ and so forth.

If you find a programming error, IE (Something does not work) give an example on how to recreate the glitch.

You can use either the auto-update feature or DL manually from dl.dropbox.com/s/a4jg3rg99aooif0/WF8_2.52.ab

Things to look foward to for March: Veteran Honors from Campaign Book - Lustria; WoC WF8 Armybook; Tweeks and hopefully Monstrous Arcanum updates.
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