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Old August 10th, 2001, 11:16 PM
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1. Lots of New Stuff Available and Status Update
From: Rob Bowes <rob@wolflair.com>

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Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2001 14:29:34 -0700
From: Rob Bowes <rob@wolflair.com>
Subject: Lots of New Stuff Available and Status Update

For most of you, this is old news, but I'm going to announce it all
anyways.... :-)

1. There is a new release of Army Builder available - V2.2a. This release
contains a bunch of bug fixes to niggly things that slipped through testing
in V2.2. Some data files require this update, so it's best to retrieve it.

2. Data files have now been released for a bunch of game systems that
weren't previously supported. These include Mage Knight (at long last), CAV
(new game from Reaper), and Full Thrust (at long last).

3. Updated data files have now been released for DBM. These files were
given to me awhile back, but I haven't released them till now. :-( Bad Rob!

4. A new skin has been released that uses a simple, solid color scheme AND
uses the light background with dark text that most Windows users are
familiar with. If you don't like the light-on-dark color scheme used by AB,
give this new skin a try. It's on the web-site under Cool Extras.

5. A few key enhancements were made to skin support in V2.2a. These changes
can be exploited by anyone who wants to create their own skins now. If
someone does not have the V2.2a update, the new skins will gracefully
degrade to the old behaviors under V2.2.

Additional things that are in the works include:

1. Data files are nearing completion for both Gear Krieg and DemonWorld.

2. Data files with Lancers information are due soon for Mage Knight.

3. I'll be releasing sample code for how to create your own Custom Output
Extensions shortly. This code will show you how to create your own
datacards or ship sheets directly from within Army Builder. The first real
demonstration of this can be seen with the CAV data files.

Other stuff is also in the works, but those are the big things that I can
actually talk about. Stay tuned for more announcements in the future. :-)

Thanks, Rob

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