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Old June 4th, 2016, 07:34 AM
Originally Posted by TheIronGolem View Post
Sorry I let this fall off my radar. You did nearly everything right, you just need to bootstrap the configurable (cCfgSoPWSh) to the archetype.
Sorry, you need to be more specific. I can't figure out, what exactly I'm supposed to do there.
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Old June 4th, 2016, 01:08 PM
Short version: In the Warshifter archetype, hit the Bootstraps button. In the menu that appears, hit "click to add another bootstrap". A new row of controls will appear, which includes a textbox for a thingid. In that textbox, enter "cCfgSoPWSh" without the quotes. Click the OK button, then hit Test Now to compile the changes. If the "Warshifter Maneuvers" tab doesn't appear on the character right away, do a CTL-R to reload the game system and it should be there.

Longer version: cCfgSoPWSh is the ID for the Configurable that you created, and it's the Warshifter Maneuvers tab itself. A Configurable's job is to track how many of one or more thing types (usually abilities or feats) that can be added to a character, and to give the user an interface for adding them to the character and viewing them afterwards.

With PoW classes, the Configurable in turn bootstraps a "maneuver list", which is a custom component that ShadowChemosh wrote. The maneuver list is what tracks the number of stances/maneuvers a class gets at each level and what Disciplines are allowed for that class. The Configurable refers to the maneuver list to determine what maneuvers/stances to display to the user as valid choices.

"Bootstrapping" is the process of taking some element (a race, feat, class ability, whatever) and adding it to the character programatically. For example, a class bootstraps all the class abilities that class gets - which is why adding a level of Rogue gives you Sneak Attack without you having to manually add that ability.

So in the case of PoW classes (or PoW archetypes for non-PoW classes), the chain goes Class/Archetype->Configurable->Maneuver List. The user adds the class/arch by hand, the class/arch adds the configurable so that its maneuvers will show up, and the configurable adds the maneuver list so it knows what maneuvers it's allowed to show. You were missing the first link in that chain - the archetype bootstrapping the configurable. Once I added that bootstrap and compiled/reloaded, the maneuvers tab appeared and I was able to add maneuvers to it. I didn't look too deep to validate the Discipline choices or anything, but it did seem right at a glance.
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Old June 5th, 2016, 08:19 AM
Ok, now it works. Thanks!
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Old December 4th, 2016, 05:26 AM
I've been trying to make a Medic class (which works good enough for me right now, but is missing some stuff) and the Angel of Mercy archetype because I need that for a character. But the archetype gives me problems.

The one fitting this thread is regarding the disciplines. Angel of Mercy exchanges Broken Blade with Silver Crane. Assuming I did everything correctly according to the posts here, I would have expected that a new Angel of Mercy maneuver tab would appear or that it replaces the Medic maneuver tab. But there is neither a new tab nor the old tab has its disciplines changed. So what I am doing wrong?
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Old December 4th, 2016, 11:03 AM
I am AFHL and also not terribly familiar with the Medic. But usually if you're not seeing a new tab from a recently-added Configurable, all you need to do is reload the game system with CTL-R (or, occasionally, restart Hero Lab entirely).

That said, if all you're trying to accomplish is a discipline swap then you don't need to set up a whole new maneuver tab. Discipline swaps are already handled by adding/removing discipline tags in a script. The Steelfist Commando is a good example.
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Old December 4th, 2016, 02:44 PM
Pretty much as TheIronGolem said. I went ahead and updated the .user file to make the changes in the Tags for you. I fixed some Source issues I found and scripted the "Cura Te Ipsum" ability also.

Here is the type of script that was needed on the archetype. This removes one disciple and adds a different one:
      ~ Remove Broken Blade and add Sliver Crane
      perform hero.childfound[mHelpPWMdc].delete[Discipline.BrokenBlad]
      perform hero.childfound[mHelpPWMdc].assign[Discipline.SilvrCrane]
The above causes the Medic Maneuver tab to no longer display Broken Blade and instead show's Silver Crane.

See attached for the updated .user file.
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