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Old February 5th, 2012, 06:38 AM
Does the Feat: Metamagic School Focus work or is it just text? I poked around on the feat and I didn't see much in the way of coding to make it do something special, but then again, I'm not much of a code monkey.

I've tried using the feat in Hero Lab and it still applies my chosen school of magic metamagic feats as one level higher.

Has anyone figured out how to have it apply metamagic feats without it taking one additional spell slot?

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Old February 5th, 2012, 08:24 AM
There are a couple of old threads here and there about this; I have run into the same problem, when trying to code the Incantatrix prestige class from PGFR.

It seems that you cannot modify the level adjustment for Metamagic feats, nor can this level adjustment be negative.

I have thought about an intricate method, which would require:
1- Creating new, "improved" versions of all metamagic feats with a level adjustment of +2 or more (as the cost of metamagic feats cannot be reduced to less than +1), each of those having a cost of 1 less spell level. Those feats should be "hidden" ie not available in the general list of feats
2- Having those improved feats have the regular metamagic feat as a prerequisite
3- Tagging those in some way so that all of the improved feats for which the character meets the prerequisites are automatically added when the character gains the appropriate ability (either, in your case, the feat MM School focus, or in mine the capstone Incantatrix class ability)

In theory, it should work, but it looks like a long undertaking, and I have never gotten around to trying it. Maybe someday, as I have coded everything else for the Incantatrix...
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