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Old October 16th, 2015, 11:48 PM

Im totally confused about the backups. This is what happened to me (crashes already reported):

I have a desktop and a laptop running RW. With the desktop, I updated to 201, then to 202. I did a sync and before I went to play I also updated my laptop to 202 and did a snyc. I run the game and synced the changes back. At home, I did a sync with my desktop and after that, I wasn't able to open my realm any longer. Short before all the UI element are finished to be filled, real works crashes with an "string index error" or so.

However, my laptop's RW kept running fine, so I wrote an email to support, reporting the error, describing it as best as I could and I continued working on the world on my laptop.

Today I see, that a new update appeared and they ask us, to use the backup that has been created when updating to 202... So I guess, that all the progress that I entered during the last session and all the dungeon and world info I added are lost? I've put about 2 days of work into the world since then, and because I can't open the world on two computers at the same time due to the license, I can't easily compare what I changed, so I'm really screwed because tomorrow I wanted to run the next game. Now I'm thinking if I would just leave the old 202 version that was working on my laptop for tomorrow and then trying to manually update all the changes from my laptop to my desktop.

Just a small proposal: Please implement a public "test branch", so that users can test a new build and after, say 2 weeks of no problems, switch that build to be the public release. That way, a lot of users can choose, if they want to keep an instable version that maybe corrupts their data, but use the newest features, or better go safe and use the old version.
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Old October 17th, 2015, 12:24 AM
Please re-read the release notes. There are SOME users who will want to revert to the backup. NOBODY is required to do so. It is entirely OPTIONAL.

There are three types of errors that occurred during the upgrade process, and those errors each apply to a subset of users. For those users, it is likely that they will want to start with the backup so that all the content they put into place PRIOR to the build 201 gets correctly upgraded. For most of those users, it's highly likely they have not been using Realm Works the past few days, since they've already recognized and reported the problems to us.

If you didn't use the mechanisms that had upgrade problems, or if you don't mind the ramifications of those errors, then there is NO reason to revert to the backup. It sounds like you fall into this group, in which case you can continue to move forward with all your changes and it's no problem. Just be aware that, if you happened to use any of the features where there were problems, your data has been impacted and you may experience annoyances down the line.

If you aren't sure whether any of the upgrade problems affect you, then please re-read the release notes. All three of the potential problems are listed at the top of the bug fix list and each is clearly flagged with as "[Restore Needed]". Within the description of each fix is an explanation of what capabilities were impacted so that users can make their own assessment of whether they wish to revert to the backup.

If you have not made significant changes to your content this week, then we encourage you to revert to the backup as a purely precautionary step. However, the choice is ultimately up to you.
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Old October 17th, 2015, 08:02 AM
Alright, ok. Since I didn't use the features that caused problems, I will use the newest version of my realm. Thanks for the answer.
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