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Originally Posted by dungeonguru View Post
OK, I apologize, I may have given a little bit of bad advice as I tried to create your feat to help troubleshoot. I forgot that class specials always refer to the class level that adds them and look for the ClsSpecWhen variable that feats don't look at.

The only way I got it to work was to recreate the 2nd level abilities as Racial Specials and rewrite any attached scripts to look up the character's total level. It's more work than I originally thought but good coding exercise. I think this could work as generic abilities, but racial abilities are an OK compromise IMHO.

I went to the Race Tab and created the abilities needed by making a new ability that would mimic the school ability. I.E. created a racial ability named Arcane Ward.

Here is what my code looks like in the text file for a single row in the usrArray, yours would have 9 total rows for each of the others. I also am only showing the 1 racial ability for Arcane Ward in interest of being compact here. I tried to bold the cross-links that refer to something external to the thing itself.

  <thing id="fXXXArcStu" name="Arcane Student" compset="Feat" uniqueness="useronce">
    <arrayval field="usrArray" index="0" value="Abjuration"/>
    <tag group="Helper" tag="ShowSpec"/>
    <bootstrap thing="raXXXArcWar">
      <containerreq phase="First" priority="2500">fieldval:usrIndex = 0</containerreq>
  <thing id="raXXXArcWar" name="Arcane Ward" description="Starting at 2nd level, you can weave magic around yourself for protection. \n\n&lt;snipped for brevity&gt;...\n\nOnce you create the ward, you can&apos;t create it again until you finish a long rest." compset="RaceSpec">
    <tag group="Helper" tag="ShowSpec"/>
    <tag group="User" tag="Tracker"/>
    <tag group="Usage" tag="Day"/>
    <eval phase="PostAttr" priority="10000"><![CDATA[doneif (tagis[Helper.ShowSpec] = 0)
doneif (tagis[Helper.Disable] <> 0)

field[trkMax].value = #attrmod[aINT] + (2 * #totallevelcount[])]]></eval>

I also noted that you aren't using a User Identifier - In the editor go to to Tools and set a user identifier that is unique to you. I used XXX in the example above - use any 2 or 3 letters that you'll remember is your code (the community uses 5C, don't use that ID). It helps troubleshooting.
Well, this is far more complicate than i originally thought. i have been thinking that this might not be a good thing to have anyway as it may overpower some players. when it comes to coding like this, my brain just hurts. i'm trying, i swear.

Just, let me think here, basically, i have to add each individual second level Wizard power separately and tie them together based on the choice of school? an oversimplification maybe but still...

Thanks for the input and i will try and figure this out. i just don't know if i'm going to so it anyway. But, you never know, i may get it to work just fine.

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