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Join Date: Apr 2014
Location: Perth, Australia
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Old Today, 03:18 AM
Just read the update.

Thank you for the progress updates... so pleasing.

Just saying... 64Bit coming.... MASSSIVE GRIN here.
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Old Today, 03:27 AM
Great news, Rob!

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Old Today, 03:38 AM
64-bit RW?

Oh, I’m happy...

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Old Today, 04:13 AM
Color me over the moon.

One thing though I seriously doubt there are any users still on 32 bit machines.so making any allowances for such was a waste of time. the last consumer 32 bit chips that can run any flavor of Windows came out over 10 years ago. To still have one of those running today would be a minor miracle.

Sure their are a bunch of people out there, 4% is the number I've seen, who have installed the 32 bit version of Windows when they could have installed the 64 bit version but RW should be yet another program that won't install for these people and maybe they'll get the clue that they need to fix there OS installs.

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Old Today, 07:11 AM
That are awesome news!

I factually grinning since I read it.
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Old Today, 12:32 PM
Great news on today's update Rob, except for the 'difficult physically' part. Really hope you aren't pushing yourself; that's a great way to get sick again in many cases.

Originally Posted by ruhar View Post
I'm just asking a simple question on minor updates. There are some bugs that have been around for a few years and it would be nice if a simple update is possible when those bugs are fixed. If it's not possible then a simple answer of No ends the discussion and we continue to wait. We won't know until we ask. That is also the purpose of a forum.
Thanks Ruhar; better phrased than my attempt. Hence the 'snip' below.

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