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Daniel V
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Old September 27th, 2023, 02:36 AM
Please be sure to read this post first for basic information on how Remaster content will be implemented.

Going to keep this thread separate to go over some of the details of transforming a pre-Remaster character into a Remaster character. Please bear in mind this is all a work in progress, and certain things may be subject to change as work proceeds, but I wanted to give you all a bit of a rundown on how we’re planning to handle the different categories of content.

1. Any game content that has been reprinted should be changed into its new version, which applies to both game elements with the same name and game elements that have been renamed. For instance, the old magic weapon spell would be replaced by the new runic weapon spell, and this will apply to all places where it appears. The descriptions may differ for game elements that haven't been reprinted, such as a Dark Archive feat that allows magic weapon to be cast 1/day would still use that language, but it would actually grant runic weapon to a Remaster character.

2. Some game content has been consolidated within the Remaster books, with multiple feats or spells becoming a single item. Cases like consolidated feat chains will have their base feat replaced by the new version, and the extra feats should simply be deleted. Spells will have each instance replaced, so a character with these different spells may end up with some duplication that will need to be addressed.

3. Game content that has specifically not been reprinted due to no longer being applicable should be removed, such as the undetectable alignment spell. This will not apply to cases like the champion's Sense Evil feat, since that may receive an analog in Player Core 2 for sensing unholy things.

4. Any game content that has no direct analog and has not been invalidated in some way will be maintained as-is.

5. In limited cases, certain changes will need to be applied to the game system at large. The addition of the crossbow weapon group, for instance, addresses a gray area in the rules, where certain feats and abilities referenced crossbows, but the only designation of a crossbow was in a weapon's description text. Any changes of this nature will be explicitly listed in the release notes.
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