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Daniel V
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Old September 27th, 2023, 02:19 AM
As some of you may have seen from our recent newsletter or in the store, preorders are now available for the upcoming Remaster content for PF2. Since all magic items have all been moved to GM Core, we’ve elected to bundle both Player Core and GM Core as a single purchase in order to give a complete set of base content for character creation and play. Going forward, purchases of the PF2 game system will include the original CRB, GMG, Player Core, and GM Core.

The primary goal in our approach is to give players and gaming groups full control over when - or even if - they adopt the Remaster content. Some groups may wish to convert immediately, while others may wish to stick with the existing books for a period of time. As such, existing characters will not automatically adopt the Remaster content when it is unlocked for your account. Instead, they will present the option to be transformed into Remaster characters, which will create a new copy of them using the Remaster content. This preserves the original CRB character while also allowing them to be reviewed as Remaster characters even if your game isn't switching over yet.

New characters can be created using either the original CRB content OR Remaster content, with CRB characters able to be transformed into Remaster when you choose. However, once a character becomes a Remaster character, it cannot be changed back to an original CRB character - it's a one way trip (though the original version will still exist in your account). Likewise, the Remaster content will not be a source that can be toggled like normal books can be (Rage of Elements for instance). A character must be created as a Remaster character or transformed into one.

Remaster characters will be able to use all existing source materials, except for content that has been replaced or obviated. There are numerous Remaster feats, spells, and other mechanics that represent a fundamental change to existing material, and the new rules will supersede the old material. In contrast, characters based upon the existing source materials will most likely not be able to use post-Remaster sourcebooks. This is still being given thought, but as those books will build upon Remaster content, there may not be a clear way to support them with pre-Remaster content.
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