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Old October 2nd, 2017, 12:09 PM
Hi everyone,

A new d20 release is now available! Special thanks to ShadowChemosh, Kendall-DM, and Sendric for their work on this release!

Enhancements & Changes

• Spells E to Z have been updated with full details (ie Range, Target, Effect, Area, Focus Component, Material Component, and XP Cost) from the SRD. Special Thanks to Kendall-DM and Sendric for inputting all these spells!
• Spells that reference another spells details (ie Mass Bull's Strength references Bull's Strength) now includes the text from the referencing spell.
• Variant class "Paladin of Freedom" fully implemented.
• Variant class "Paladin of Slaughter" added.
• Variant class "Paladin of Tyranny" added.
• Special variant spell "Corrupt Weapon" added and is available to Blackguard, Paladin of Slaughter and Paladin of Tyranny.

Data File Authoring

• Updated the editor tab "Magic->Spell" to have a "Append Reference Information" that allows for including another spells text into another spell.
• Added a new tag group DescInfo.? that can be added to spells to allow for referencing the description text from another spell.
• All spellcasting classes that do not already have a sClass.? will now generate a sClass.? tag based on the unique id of the class automatically. This prevents the need of having to create custom sClass.? tags for each new class added to d20.
• All spellcasting classes create a sClassNot.? tag based on the unique id of the class automatically.
• Variant classes can be tagged with "Helper.VarSpells" to cause the auto generation of sClass.? and sClassNot.? tags based on the unique id of the variant class automatically. This allows for spells to be specifically setup only for a variant class.
• Updated the editor tab "Class->Variant Class" to have a "Variant Class Has Specific Spells?" option that causes the variant class to be tagged with "Helper.VarSpells".
• Added a new tag group sClassNot.? that can be added to spells to prevent a class from gaining access to the spell. In example the Paladin of Freedom does not gain several alignment based spells like Protection From Chaos. The Protection From Chaos spell contains the tag sClassNot.cvPalFree to prevent the variant class from gaining access to this spell.
• Variant classes push their sClass.? and sClassNot.? tags to the Class at First/10000. This causes classes to allow and disallow spells from the base class and the variant class. This is used for the Paladin of Freedom which gains access to some spells and loses access to other spells.
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