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Joseph Bender
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Old May 12th, 2014, 01:43 PM
I would like each player Character to have a memory bank of information that they can search at any time during the game.

names and faces of NPC's that they grew up with, maps of their village or place of origin,

if I have a magician for example read a an ancient book in a library I want to be Able to download that information into his file so instead of making a knowledge arcane roll I'll just have them search and find that information.

As the campaign progresses I can add to this file if I need a long-lost cousin to fill a role for an NPC I can add it to the players file . And simply say to the player this person looks familiar his name is xx and then they can look him up in their file and role-play the information to the rest of the group.

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Old May 12th, 2014, 01:49 PM
We'll have to see what functionality the players edition has (apparently to be announced very soon) but this could easily be done with tags.

Just tag everything you want the character to have in their "file" with the character's name, and when they look a the data they can just scope filter on that tag.
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