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Hi everyone,

The Spheres of Power data package for Hero Lab will soon be available for purchase. This thread will serve as both an announcement channel and a support resource. I am TheIronGolem, the code monkey responsible for the package.

I do not work for Lone Wolf Development, and they are in no way involved with or responsible for this package (though they were kind enough to permit me to have my support thread here on their forums - thanks, guys!). In other words, don't yell at them when SoP doesn't work, yell at me.

Please do not post any replies yet. I will be reserving the next few posts. Update: Okay, you can post now

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FAQ - General

What is Spheres of Power?
It's a very cool, 3rd-party magic system for Pathfinder, published by Drop Dead Studios. It includes 11 magic-using classes who can use any of twenty "spheres" of magic. A "sphere" is somewhat like a school of magic in PF or D&D. You spend "talents" to gain access to a sphere, which grants you one or two magical powers. You can then spend further talents to enhance those abilities, gain new abilities within that sphere, or gain access to a whole new sphere.

Where can I buy the Spheres of Power package?
From DrivethruRPG:

Spheres of Power (core):
Hero Lab files only
Hero Lab files plus Spheres of Power PDF (with a bundle discount)

Expanded Options (requires core):
Hero Lab files only
Hero Lab files plus Expanded Options PDF (with a bundle discount)

Destroyer's Handbook (requires core):
Hero Lab files only
Hero Lab files plus Destroyer's Handbook PDF (with a bundle discount)

Diviner's Handbook (requires core):
Hero Lab files only
Hero Lab files plus Diviner's Handbook PDF (with a bundle discount)

Enhancer's Handbook (requires core):
Hero Lab files only
Hero Lab files plus Enhancer's Handbook PDF (with a bundle discount)

Geomancer's Handbook (requires core):
Hero Lab files only
Hero Lab files plus Geomancer's Handbook PDF (with a bundle discount)

Shapeshifter's Handbook (requires core AND Pathfinder Pack):
Hero Lab files only
Hero Lab files plus Shapeshifer's Handbook PDF (with a bundle discount)

Telekinetic's Handbook (requires core):
Hero Lab files only
Hero Lab files plus Destroyer's Handbook PDF (with a bundle discount)

Does Spheres of Power require any other data packages to be installed?
Yes, you need Ultimate Magic and the Advanced Player's Guide. This is because Spheres of Power refers to resources from those packages, such as the Versatile Channeler feat, Alchemist and Magus class abilities, etc.

Also, if you have a Shifter with the Impaling Charge trait then it is recommended that you have Classic Monsters Revisited, because without it you will be given a "placeholder" version of the Impaling Charge feat instead of the real version that contains the actual feat description.

Additionally, some of the sphere-specific splatbooks (most notably the Shapeshifter's Handbook) require the Pathfinder Pack to be installed, because they make use of material from Dreamscarred Press.

I installed the package, but I don't see any SoP content like classes or feats.
Make sure your portfolio has Spheres of Power activated as a source. Press CTL-K to bring up the Configure Hero menu, look for "Spheres of Power" under Drop Dead Studios, and make sure it's checked.

Will there be future updates to this package?
Yes, I will be doing periodic updates to fix bugs, introduce previously-missing elements of the SoP book where possible, and just generally improve the experience. I aim to have an update out on a roughly monthly basis, other projects and real life permitting.

How do I specify my character's Casting Ability?
On the Sphere Abilities tab, look for the Casting Ability selector near the upper right corner of the panel.

My CAM isn't getting added to duration/damage/save DC on this sphere/class ability!
You probably haven't chosen your casting ability yet (see above). Even if you're playing a class like Armorist that normally has no choice of casting ability, we ask you to choose anyway, because you might have your GM's permission to use a non-standard ability.

But my DM follows the rules as written in their game and doesn't want us to have free choice of casting ability.
No problem. Although the package makes you pick your casting ability, it also enforces the "correct" choice through warning messages. For example, if you're a single-classed Armorist then you'll have a warning message on your character telling you that you are only allowed to select Wisdom.

Well, my DM lets us pick any casting ability, so I don't want to see that warning.
We've got you covered, too. Enable the "Free choice of casting ability" houserule, and that warning message will be suppressed

I want to give my character a Sphere Wand or Sphere Staff, but I don't see those in the list of magic items.
Sphere Wands and Staves were added in version 1.8, so make sure you have updated to the latest version. Once you have version 1. or highter, you can create a Sphere Wand or Staff from the Magic tab by adding "Sphere Wand" or "Sphere Staff" and customizing it with Spheres and Talents.

Are there Adjustments for sphere effects cast on my character by another caster?
Yes. I've added many Adjustments to the package to represent such effects. There are also Adjustments that let you apply bonuses or penalties to your caster level (either with a particular talent, a particular sphere, or overall), as well as the number of spell points and magic talents your character has. You can also add "temporary spell pools", which give you an additional reserve of spell points (like those provided by a wand).

What about Rituals? Or the spellcrafting system?
Unfortunately, Rituals and Spellcrafting are not supported at this time.

Can I create my own SoP content in the editor?
You sure can! The package adds a "Spheres of Power" tab to the editor, where you'll find subtabs for creating SoP-specific elements such as Talents.

What's this "Fractional Caster Level" houserule?
Fractional CL means that when you take levels in more than one Low-caster or Mid-caster class, you will end up with a slightly higher CL than normal, because each class level is treated as giving you 50% or 75% of a caster level (as opposed to the standard method of either giving you a full CL or nothing), and those fractions are then added up (with any leftover fraction being ignored). It's basically the "Fractional BAB" variant rule from 3.5's Unearthed Arcana, applied to caster level.

I have an Armorist. How do I make Bound or Summoned Equipment?
Any Armorist (well, technically any character that has either Bound Equipment or Summoned Equipment as a class ability) should get a new tab called "Bound/Summoned Equipment". On this tab, you can designate items as Bound or Summoned equipment. Items so designated will receive the following benefits: they'll be marked as masterwork items (if they weren't already), they'll be marked as "free" so that they don't count against your character's total wealth, they'll have their weight set to zero if not equipped (because we assume the item is either being used by someone else or simply not currently manifested), and will be findable by any other special abilities that interact with Bound or Summoned gear (such as the Warden archetype's Deadly Guardian ability).

I picked a Bound/Summoned item from the menu, but the selector doesn't show my weapon/armor/shield/staff.
When you first purchase an item that will be Bound or Summoned gear, make sure to select it as a Custom Item (under the top heading on the tab labeled "Magic, Custom & Masterwork Weapons/Armor". Those items can be customized, and that is what the tab looks for.

I have a character with the Alteration sphere. How do I apply a Shapeshift effect?
When you have the Alteration sphere, the Transformation feat, or the "Alteration: Shapeshift" Adjustment, you'll see an Alteration tab on your character. On this tab is a table labeled "Shapeshifts" where you can create and customize Shapeshift effects. You can specify the form and traits granted by the shapeshift, and can even tell Hero Lab whether the effect is being applied by yourself or another caster (which affects form/trait prerequisites accordingly). You can create as many shapeshift effects as you want and then turn on only the one currently affecting your character (if any). This lets you easily switch between forms on the fly without having to stop during gameplay to rebuild your character.

I have another question or problem with the Spheres of Power package.
Post your issue in this thread, or send an email to dropdeadstudios dot herolab at gmail dot com, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

I have a non-Hero Lab question or problem regarding Spheres of Power.
I can only give you answers regarding the Hero Lab package. Rules questions, customer-service issues, and other issues not related to Hero Lab should be directed to Drop Dead Studios.

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Version 1.23 - Released 07/20/2017
  • Alteration: Shapeshift effects are now better at detecting when a natural weapon is granted by a class feature and therefore shouldn't be removed from the character
  • Alteration: Shapeshift effects now have an activation checkbox right on the table, no need to open the UI first
  • Enhancement: For characters with the Animate Object talent, the Enhancement tab now includes a table where you can add Animated Object minions to a character. Minions added this way will automatically receive the benefits of abilities from the Enhancer's Handbook that improve Animated Objects. Animated Objects come from the Bestiary, so you will need that data package licensed and activated to add them to your character.
  • Enhancement: Fixed several talents that stated they cost 0 SP to extend duration
  • Life: Fixed Restore Senses talent so that it no longer uses deprecated linkage
  • Magic Talents Known adjustment was not working correctly, fixed that
  • Editor: Added buttons to the Casting Traditions tab for bootstrapping Boons and Drawback

Version 1.22 - Released 06/26/2017
  • Alteration: Fixed natural attacks from Traits and Forms not scaling with size
  • Alteration: Fixed text for Bestial talent (it listed the Pounce and Trample abilities instead of Rend)
  • Shifter: Flight Bestial Trait no longer loses Poor maneuverability when in a shapeshift
  • Shifter: Bite, Claws, and Gore attacks from Bestial Traits are no longer lost in polymorph effects
  • Boon and Drawbacks: Fixed validation errors when hero has Drawbacks but no Boons

Version 1.21 - Released 06/18/2017
  • Fixed "ban a type of talent" drawbacks such as Limited Divination
  • Fixed general drawbacks not granting bonus SP
  • Fixed Long Range calculation (was adding 100 ft/CL instead of 40)
  • Buyoff Drawback and Custom Talent can now be selected as sphere-specific bonus talents
  • Alteration - Fixed Shapeshifts not counting Greater/Extreme Transformation talents towards allowed trait count
  • Alteration - Fixed Size Change trait not properly disabling when shapeshift is not active
  • Alteration - Fixed/improved Disguise bonus granted by shapeshift, now accounts for Perfect Imitation talent
  • Destruction - Fixed Destructive Blast not showing to-hit/damage values on character sheet
  • Mind - Fixed Subtlety talent not appearing in talent-picker tables

Version 1.20 - Released 05/28/2017
  • Fixed "counts as two" Drawbacks like Addictive Casting
  • Fixed many things that add to magic talents known (they were adding to the max field on the old Magic Talents tab instead of the new resource on the Sphere Abilities tab)
  • Fixed many things that were bootstrapping talents to the old Magic Talents tab.
  • Fixed Drawbacks that were not displaying the selector on the new Drawbacks table (Necromantic Limit, Limited Divination, etc)
  • Fixed racial casting progression not granting talents
  • Fixed talents not accepting external caster-level boosts
  • Fixed Alteration Forms that aren't supposed to meld armor

Version 1.19 - Released 05/27/2017
  • UI
    • New tab added - Sphere Abilities. This tab replaces the Magic Talents configurable, and tracks your basic spherecasting statistics (Caster Level, Spell Pool, Ranges, MSD/MSB, Concentration bonus) as well as being the place to add all the things the old configurable held (talents, casting traditions, etc)
    • New tabs for every Sphere the character possesses. These sphere tabs track the specific caster level for the sphere, the save DC for effects from the sphere, and bonus sphere talents (such as those gained by certain classes). Some sphere tabs (such as Alteration) have additional information or tools specific to that sphere. Future sphere-specific handbooks will include further additions to the functionality of the sphere's tab, with previously-covered spheres receiving overhauls in a future development pass.
  • Spheres
    • Alteration - The Alteration tab has a Shapeshifts section where you can build your own Shapeshift effects in a form and save them to your character to be activated or deactivated at your leisure. There is no limit to the number of Shapeshifts that can be created (though only one can be active at a time without throwing a validation error), meaning you can easily switch between different configurations without having to tear down and recreate them each time you change. This replaces the old "Alteration Forms/Traits" configurable. If you have any forms/traits from that tab, they will now throw errors reminding you to remove them. Once they are gone the old tab will disappear.
    • Alteration: Added a "limb count change" trait that does not count against the number of traits spent on a shapeshift, and which allows the user to add or remove limbs to a form. This allows you to set the Vermin Form to have 8 legs instead of the default 6, as well as simulating other circumstances that can change limb counts.
    • Alteration: Animal Mind is now an activated ability, and disables casting ability when active
    • Alteration: Implemented equipment melding for shapeshifts. Armor always melds unless the form specifies otherwise. Weapons meld only if the form has no hands; this is technically against RAW but it is the only way the hero can be allowed to pick up and use other weapons while shapeshifted
    • Magic Skill Bonus (MSB) and Magic Skill Defense (MSD) no longer appear as separate items on the Specials tab. Instead they appear (along with Concentration check) in the parenthetical for the Casting ability.
    • Some talents that do not grant new abilities (such as Greater Transformation) have been hidden from the Specials tab to reduce clutter
    • Talent prerequisites now consider the hero's caster level with the talent's sphere before their general caster level, allowing the hero to take Advanced Talents when their sphere CL is high enough even if their general CL isn't.
    • Fixed the DC displayed by the Casting ability
  • Classes
    • Shifter: Fixed Bestial Traits granting movement modes at 0 speed
    • Shifter: Web Bestial Trait now adds the Web racial ability
    • Some classes and archetypes that grant bonus talents of a specific sphere (such as the Sphere Cleric) no longer list those bonus talents on the class tab. Instead, they add to the bonus talent count on the new sphere-specific tabs. If your character has talents that were taken the "old" way, please remove them and re-add them on the new sphere tab.
  • Feats
    • Advanced Magical Training: Fixed this feat so that it adds to MSB/MSD and SP appropriately

Version 1.18 - Released 03/24/2017
  • Racial Talent Setup: Talent progression now handles up to 40 HD creatures
  • Destructive Blast: Reworked the way CL is inherited from blast types
  • Divination: Read Magic ability is now correctly tagged as Divination (was previously not tagged with a sphere at all)
  • Divination: Active Sense abilities now apply a tag to the hero (similar to stances in Path of War), this is for things like the Diviner's Handbook feats that need to count active Senses.
  • Divination: Fixed range tagging for Sense abilities, including effects of talents that increase their range

Version 1.17 - Released 03/12/2017
  • Spheres
    • Divination Sphere no longer bootstraps alternate divination abilities. Instead, they are selected and added by the user like any other talent. The first alternate divination for a given sphere is not counted against talents spent. This is to accommodate the new alternate divinations coming for the Diviner's Handbook.
    • Divination/Foreshadow - Fixed a stacking error with the dodge bonus
  • Classes
    • Armorist - The Improved Equipment arsenal trick is now functional. You must select the piece of bound equipment it applies to.
    • Incanter - Added the generic description of sphere specialization to each Sphere Specialization ability, so that character sheets will explain the CL bonus
    • Shifter - Fixed range error with the Nightvision bestial trait
  • Other
    • MSB and MSD now count racial HD from spherecasting races
    • Sphere Staves - Fixed a bug causing staves to think they didn't have a base sphere set
    • Water-Magi casting tradition now adds Material Focus instead of Limited Creation

Version 1.16 - Released 02/11/2017
  • Classes
    • Armorist: Fixed bug causing nonexistent tertiary abilities to be offered
    • Hedgewitch: Fixed Heal not being a class skill
    • Hedgewitch: Fixed Covenant Tradition skills
    • Hedgewitch: Fixed Covenant Tradition Power to display a minimum of 1d6 damage healed
    • Hedgewitch: Tradition Secrets are now tagged with the Tradition they belong to
    • Sphere Cleric: Life Talents can now be selected with the Healing domain
  • Talents
    • Conjuration/Aligned Creature: Fixed alignment selector
  • Adjustments
    • Enhance Equipment: Fixed timing issue that was preventing bonuses from applying to equipment
    • Enhancement: Made most adjustments non-unique so that more than one instance can be applied to a character
    • Hallow: Fixed alignment selector
    • Serendipity/Greater Serendipity: Bonus/penalty was applying to Armor Class instead of skills, fixed that
  • Misc.
    • Fixed several drawbacks to stop working when bought off with a talent

Version 1.15 - Released 01/25/2017
  • Emergency fix for error message: "Reference to non-existent component 'source'"

Version 1.14 - Released 11/30/2016
  • Talents
    • Custom Talent: This now correctly counts against talents taken
    • Added a "Buyoff Drawback" talent option which disables a selected drawback.
  • Equipment
    • Sphere Staff: Added a "slot" for staff-specific item powers. No such powers currently exist, but the first will be added with the Telekinetic's Handbook. For data authors: these may be created as weapon powers, but must be tagged with SphOfPow.StaffAbil.
  • Other small changes for compatibility with the Telekinetic's Handbook

Version 1.13 - Released 11/19/2016
  • Classes
    • Armorist - Removed primary and secondary custom specials, as those abilities (Bound/Summoned gear) are now handled in a configurable
    • Armorist - Added Bound Staff, fixed Bound Armor to require 5th level
    • Fey Adept - Fixed Darkvision and Damage Reduction appearing at level 1
    • Added a racial-special version of the Mageknight's Stalwart ability, so that it can be bootstrapped by adjustments

Version 1.12 - Released 11/06/2016
  • Feats
    • Extra Magic Talent: Updated timing to fix this feat's effect
  • Classes
    • Many classes/archetypes that grant a bonus sphere have had this mechanism reworked. Rather than automatically bootstrap the talent that grants a sphere, these classes/archetypes now increase your talent count by one on the Magic Talents tab. The tab will then increment by one the number of talents you should spend on that sphere, and raise an error if you don't spend at least that many. The purpose of this change is to account for the fact that if you take a level in a class that grants a bonus sphere that you already have, you are supposed to instead gain a bonus talent in that sphere; this was not possible under the old way of granting bonus spheres.
    • Armorist: Bound and Summoned equipment is now tracked on a new tab using custom specials. To use this tab, add items to your character in the normal way (making sure to check "buy for free"), then go to the new tab, add a Bound or Summoned Armor/Shield/Weapon and set the selector to the correct item. An item marked as Bound or Summoned will be made masterwork (if it isn't already), will be marked as "free" equipment so that it doesn't count against your character's wealth, and will have its weight set to zero if not equipped (because we assume that the item is not currently manifested or in the hands of another character).
    • Incanter: Specialization descriptions no longer contain the descriptions of all the abilities they grant
    • Sphere Cleric: Necromantic Focus is no longer shown on the Specials tab

Version 1.11 - Released 09/11/2016
  • Small, under-the-hood changes for compatibility with the Destroyer's Handbook

Version 1.10 - Released 09/04/2016
  • Classes
    • Hedgewitch Spiritualist Tradition: Fixed error that made talents unselectable
    • Hedgewitch Spiritualist Tradition: Fixed error causing bonus combat feats to be counted against the character's standard feat count
  • Feats
    • Sphere Focus can now be bootstrapped with a SoPSphere.? tag to make it automatically apply to the sphere named in the tag, similar to the Target.? tags on feats like Weapon Focus.
    • Basic Magical Training now disables itself and bootstraps Extra Magic Talent if a spherecasting class is present
    • Counterspell feats now require MSB instead of caster level, as per latest errata
  • Spheres
    • Added "Blast Type Groups" from the Destroyer's Handbook. Blast Type Groups are now used for the Energy Focus drawback and the Favored Element ability, even if you do not possess the Destroyer's Handbook.
    • Blast Type talents are now activated abilities, instead of being selected by the Destructive Blast ability. This allows for multiple blast types to be activated (such as through the Admixture talent)
    • Extended Range now throws an error if taken more than twice
    • Monastic Soul: Now bootstraps Protected Soul instead of Limited Protection, as per latest errata
    • Prepared Casting: Fixed a bug that sometimes caused HL to incorrectly claim the hero had allocated too many points to a particular sphere
    • Prepared Casting: Fixed a bug causing points assigned to a sphere to be "stolen" by other trackers tagged with the same sphere (such as Fount of Life with the Life sphere)
    • Fixed the custom class specials that grant Fate talents (they had been flagged with the Creation sphere)
    • Fixed some range-extending talents that were making their changes too late to be reflected in the talent description text
  • Data File Authoring
    • Added editor controls for easier creation of Blast Type talents
    • Added the "Race Talent Setup" tab to the editor. This is similar to the Class Talent Setup, but is intended for the creation of races that grant spherecasting abilities that scale with racial HD. To add racial spherecasting abilities to a race, bootstrap a Race Talent Setup along with abSoPCast.
  • Misc.
    • Added a "Sphere Handbooks" source group; each handbook's source will appear here once you own the appropriate data package.

Version 1.9 - Released 08/07/2016
  • Fixed talent progression error with Sphere Rangers and Paladins
  • Fixed the "custom talent" talent so that it does not require a sphere
  • Added support for the "Blast Type Groups" introduced in the Destroyer's Handbook
  • Destruction Wands will now add their own instances of the Destructive Blast weapon with damage set according to the wand's CL
  • The "Custom" magic talent no longer has a sphere prerequisite, and you can now select the sphere for a custom talent after adding it to your character (so that it counts for prerequisites regarding number of talents in a sphere)
  • Alteration: The Elemental forms now enforce the restriction on traits that grant limbs or natural attacks
  • Alteration: The Fire Elemental Form's Burn ability now correctly scales its damage with caster level.

Version 1.8 - Released 07/24/2016
  • Added support for Sphere Staves
  • Added support for Sphere Wands
  • Added generic specials for MSB and MSD

Version 1.7 - Released 07/01/2016
  • Fixed error with missing id "NICsopSpSt "

Version 1.6 - Released 06/25/2016
  • Spheres
    • Alteration: Hooves are now correctly tagged as a Primary attack
    • Destruction: Air Blast now stores the bull rush bonus in abValue, so that other abilities can modify it
  • Classes
    • Elementalist: Weave Energy no longer bootstraps the Destruction Sphere if replaced
    • Eliciter: Added 1-round minimum durations for Hypnotism abilities
    • Symbiat: Fixed calculation of Psionics daily usage (was giving 4+[level x 2] instead of 4+[2 x levels after 1st], effectively giving all Symbiats 2 extra rounds)
    • Thaumaturge: Added 1-round minimum durations for Empowered Attack and Empowered Defense
  • Archetypes
    • Sphere Cleric: Fixed a bug granting Sphere Clerics too many bonus Life/Death talents
  • Feats
    • Basic Magical Training: Instead of presenting a selector to choose a sphere, this feat simply grants one magic talent (which should be spent on a sphere since this should be the character's only source of spherecasting abilities). This fixes a bug causing the feat to grant ALL base sphere abilities.
    • Basic Magical Training and Advanced Magical Training: Fixed the CL calculation from these feats

Version 1.5 - Released 05/30/2016
  • Spheres
    • Conjuration: Fixed error "Attempt to access container from script with no ability to do so" on Additional Limbs and Natural Aspect talents
    • Conjuration: Natural Aspect was not showing the chosen ability on the character

Version 1.4 - Released 05/29/2016
Numerous bugfixes and groundwork for upcoming Expanded Options content
  • Classes
    • Armorist: Fixed Quick Summons note appearing in Bound Equipment description before the ability is gained
    • Eliciter: As per latest errata, all Emotion abilities marked as Su instead of Sp
    • Fey Adept: Shadowmark ability now reads the abValue3 field and displays any non-zero value as a damage modifier. Also added missing duration information for this ability
    • Incanter: Added item creation and metamagic feats as secondary and tertiary bonus feat types, for use by favored class bonuses
    • Hedgewitch: Fixed Arcane Pool not appearing when Combat Tradition was added
    • Mageknight: Bloodlust ability had duration and max bonus mixed up, fixed that
    • Mageknight: Marked ability can now have its modifiers adjusted, and shows the modifier in its livename
    • Soul Weaver: Fixed a bug with Channel Energy that caused it to always enable Blessing instead of Blight for negative channelers
    • Soul Weaver: Blessing and Blight now track their bonus/penalty amount, so that it can be adjusted by outside sources (such as the Elf Soul Weaver FCB)
    • Soul Weaver: Fixed Summon Spirit I being hidden before later versions of the same ability are gained
    • Soul Weaver: Added channel feats as primary bonus feats, for use by favored class bonuses. Note that because HL currently lacks a "channel" feat category, this list is currently made by hand
    • Symbiat: Added combat feats as primary bonus feats, for use by favored class bonuses
    • Thaumaturge: Lingering Pain ability now displays the duration
  • Archetypes
    • Added "header" archetypes for all of the base SoP classes
  • Spheres
    • Conjuration: Companion Hit Dice are now calculated from the CL of the Summon talent, instead of the character's base CL.
    • Divination: True Seeing - Talent marked as Sense and text updated to match latest errata
    • Enhancement: Bestow Life - Updated text to match latest errata
    • Nature: Fixed SP cost of extending Create Fire talent past concentration
    • Time: Shift Time - Updated text to match latest errata
  • Other
    • The class custom specials that grant magic talents (previously created for the Sphere Cleric) have had their SpecSource tags changed to SoPBonTal. This allows any class/archetype to access them by using the tag AllowC2nd.SoPBonTal
    • Added class custom specials to grant Time and Telekinesis talents (there was no need for them when only Sphere Clerics used these as no domain granted those spheres, but there is a need now that other classes/archetypes might grant them too)

Version 1.2 - Released 04/24/2016
-Fixed bug preventing Companions with the Magical Companion form talent from being able to add Magic Talents without error
-Fixed crash bug resulting from adding an Alteration Form to a character with no race set
-Fixed bug with the Blank Form disabling racial abilities such as natural attacks

Version 1.1 - Released 04/08/2016

Fixed bugs listed below from version 1.0

Version 1.0

Initial release

VERSION HISTORY - SoP Expanded Options

Version 1.5 - Released 07/20/2017
  • Dragonblooded Mortal: Fixed STR/CON bonus coming online at level 1 instead of 17
  • Dragonblooded Mortal: Claw damage was not scaling with character size

Version 1.4 - Released 05/28/2017
  • Fixed ART's that grant a fraction of a bonus talent

Version 1.3 - Released 05/27/2017
  • Sphere Arcanist: Added append text for the Suffering Knowledge exploit
  • All archetypes updated for compatibility with new sphere-tab system

Version 1.2 - Released 02/11/2017
  • Triple Goddess archetype now correctly hi-casts with the Life, Death, and Fate spheres
  • Sphere Bloodrager: Fixed CL progression (was casting at -3 level like the Ranger)
  • Sphere Summoner: Bonus Conjuration talents chosen from the class tab now appear on the Companion, although they must still be assigned to the Companion from the Magic Talents tab

Version 1.1 - Released 09/04/2016
Fixed some Witch Patrons that were missing the sphere tags that cause them to grant bonus talents

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Known Issues as of version 1.24
  • Sphere Cleric: Necromantic Focus sometimes gives the wrong bonus sphere (Life/Death). This appears to be due to the "positive/negative" selector being hidden and stuck on the "wrong" choice for characters whose channeling type is set by their deity or alignment. I can't really fix this as it is a function of how Hero Lab handles channeling selection. As a workaround, you can temporarily remove your deity and set your alignment to Neutral, then set the "positive/negative" selector to the appropriate choice and restore your deity/alignment.
  • Some users with Sphere Clerics or Sphere Oracles are unable to choose bonus talents for their domain or patron. This has been determined to be a bug with the "Extend Thing" mechanism that occurs when Things from LW products not included in the user's license are extended (an example from the Community Pack is the Kalfore archetype, which extends two Witch Hexes from Player's Companion #13). This is a bug acknowledged by Lone Wolf that is scheduled to be fixed in the next release of Hero Lab.
  • Fractional Caster Level houserule - For multiclass characters who have levels in Low-Caster or Mid-Caster classes who are treated as High-Casters with specific spheres, total Caster Level with those sphere(s) may be slightly too high. It is recommended you check the caster levels manually, and if incorrect use the "Spherecasting: Caster Level (Sphere)" adjustment to correct it.

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(reserved in case I think of something else to add)
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All done with reserved posts! Fire away!
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Damn! This sounds awesome! Great job...

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Sounds awesome!
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Could you please add a talent and drawback template like "Profession (other)"? That way people not requiring the full works can use new handbook talents more easily.
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