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Old February 23rd, 2020, 03:02 PM
Hi all, I'm trying to duplicate this spell so that it shows up In-Play:

You focus the energy of your mind, body, and spirit into a specific part of your being, granting yourself an exceptional ability to perform certain tasks. When you cast the spell, choose one of the following portions of your self as your focus target. Thereafter, you may change the focus target as a move action. You can gain the benefit of only one channel vigor spell at a time.

1. Limbs: You gain the benefits of a haste spell.

2. Mind: You gain a +4 competence bonus on Knowledge and Perception skill checks and on ranged attack rolls.

3. Spirit: You gain a +6 competence bonus on Will saving throws and Bluff and Intimidate checks.

4. Torso: You gain a +6 competence bonus on Fortitude saving throws and concentration checks.

So here's what I've been trying to do but I can't get any farther in the Adjustments Tab. I basically made 4 different In-Play spells for the listed effects below.
  1. Limbs: I duplicated the haste spell. Not really any difference, so I'm good here.
  2. Mind: I duplicated Heightened Awareness Spell and changed the bonus to 4. However, I don't know how to add the +4 to ranged attacks.
  3. Spirit: I duplicated the Resistance Spell and changed the bonus to 4. I don't know how to add Bluff and Intimidate Checks
    Here is the modified Resistance Script:

    ~ If we're not enabled, get out now
    doneif (field[pIsOn].value = 0)

    ~ Give competence bonus to Will saves
  4. Torso: Same as spirit except I don't know how to add a concentrate check bonus.

I'm new to Hero Lab any help would be great.
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Old February 23rd, 2020, 10:08 PM
The easiest way to get what you want is to find a feat or magic item that grants the bonuses you want. Load that up in the editor ("New - Copy" is the easiest way) and then look at the scripts on the item. Copy/modify to your spell adjustment.

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