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Old October 22nd, 2019, 06:43 PM
Hi, I'm hoping I'm just missing something but I'm having some problems making a Mystic. I figured I'll list what I've found. Sorry if this is stuff that's already being worked on (I have searched and couldn't find anything).

When choosing a Mystic, the beginning equipment is not offered like other classes. There seems to be no place to list your "Higher Standard" vow. When I tried to pick my 3 starting Psionic Powers it says no list found. When I added the Major Psionic edge (DM allowed), it added power points to my Arcane EEPs rather than ISP.

I Was able to do a workaround to make her but it's awkward and I don't think it will work as she levels up. I "started" as a Ley Line Walker for the gear, then swapped right away to Mind Melter, added in the 3 PSI powers and deleting the Melter starting gear, then swapped immediately to Mystic and was able to proceed. The Psionics show on the sheet properly then and the rest of the process works.

As far as I know I have all the updates. Any assistance would be helpful. I have about a month until we start our game, and I'd like to make her properly by then if possible.

(love HL, use it for 3.5, 5e, SW Nec Evil, SW Superheros, and now this. Thanks for an awesome product~)
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Old October 24th, 2019, 12:01 PM
Howdy and welcome to the forums!

As the one maintaining the Savage Rifts files I have to agree that the Mystic is quite broken. A large part is, as you’ve seen, due to the limitation of a single Arcane Background per hero. I had tried to create a “Secondary” AB for the Mystic and the Dragon Hatchling, but not sure they’re working as intended (I think you’re the first to try the Mystic and mention the issues. )

Hopefully, this will resolve somewhat when the next update comes along allowing for multiple AB per hero. Hopefully it won’t take long to get that back-coded into the Mystic.

I’ll look into what you mention though and see if it’s an easy fix. What version of the SR files are you using?

Working on -
  • (SWADE) WIP Savage Rifts
  • Savage Rifts (Deluxe): Update link in This post
  • Star Trek Adventures: Update link in This post
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Old October 24th, 2019, 06:19 PM
for HL I'm using the 64 bit version 8.9b
for SR im using v 1.4 and I have your update link added in (the https://www.dropbox.com/s/m43t34z0zv...dates.xml?dl=1)

I realized I left something off the list. The Iconic Framework lists everything correctly, but it doesnt implement it.... such as, the Mystic Awareness lists all that is involved, but the Alertness and the Danger Sense edges dont add on to your sheet. I used Permanent Adjustments to add them as extra edges.

Also noticed that, even though I have Heroism and Epic Heroism checked in the Character settings, it did Not ignore rank for edges when making the character.

OH, when I added the Psionics the way I mentioned in the original post, they show up in the program as "Borrowed Weird Science Gadgets" though when I print the sheet it shows up as Psionics just fine. I'm wondering if an "easy" fix for one part may be to just link/add availability to the psionics list for choosing... it looked, but just said none available to choose from when looking under Mystic

I get the feeling I may have to figure out how to use the editor for future builds

I can sent a copy of my character as she came out if you would like. I Hope this helps figure out what is needing to be fixed. (sorry for rambling a bit)
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