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Old July 22nd, 2005, 05:56 PM
I must sound like a real jerk and for that iam sorry.I have a couple things I noticed.
1/ the warp beast do not have to be taken as a Elite choice as long as the army has the same number of wych squads
2/Wychs should already begiven Combat Drugs for free,on 3.o it doesent show it at all,and Sucubuss should have them for free also and not have to pay for them.also there is no discription of the result table for CB Drugs
3/when adding war gear or adding anything it does not show the cost.??????
4/On the old Army builder set up when picking gear it would put the chareter and then the list of his gear but would wait to give a discription till the end of the army list.Is there a way to make it like that again.The way its set up now it gives two discriptions,one at the begining and one at the end.It takes up alot of paper space.
To be honest thats why I bought Army builder it was to the point and it wasn't 8 pages long like Games workshops Enemys Of The Imperium.
5/You guys already know about the point cost for Draznar,and there is no Lilith to be found.
Thats all I could find.I am not tearing anybody up,or saying anything bad about anyone.I like this product and cant wait till this gets compleat
Can any one tell me when these things could be ready to roll and how long it may take?Thanks Guys keep up the good work.
By the way these coments were for the Dark Eldar
Archon Joppa
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