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Old June 13th, 2016, 07:02 PM
In the case of a weapon, there is a field for custom name.
I put 'unidentified mace' or whatever in that field.

If you have Shadow's Adjustments, you can use 'custom text' to replace the name of an item/feat/power/whatever with your custom text.
Which again will be 'unidentified robe' or whatever.

I've used Combat Manager in the past.
And the Tactical Console.

With the Tactical Console, I miss the ability to apply damage to multiple targets at once.... and to check half-damage for those who make saving throws.
With the Tactical Console, I like that I can check conditions or apply/remove buffs, and have them apply immediately.

DM Genie, for 3.5, basically combined the real time conditions/buffs of the Tactical Console, with the ability to apply damage to multiple targets at once.
But DM Genie is pretty much 3.x only, and our group plays Pathfinder.

Overall, the Tactical Console is the best tool for our Pathfinder game.
But some of the features of Combat Manager would be really nice to have available within the Tactical Console...
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Old June 14th, 2016, 02:43 AM
Ah yes, DM Genie! I have fond memories of using it, but it also had some frustrations (a bug in handling initiative when using drag/drop to reposition a combatant).

PC Gen has a GM module but I haven't used it much. It's supposed to be a combat tracker but when I last used it (years ago) it was too basic to be of much value.

MapTool doesn't have much in the way of built in capabilities, but the community has created frameworks for D&D 3.x/PF that do a lot of the work. I know there's a way to select multiple tokens on the map and then apply damage or buffs to the ones that are selected. This is nice because it's visual. But some of the frameworks can be finicky in terms of configuring properly. (There are also frameworks for Savage Worlds, WoD, and other game systems, but I don't know anything about them.)

We really need one ring to rule them all...
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Old June 14th, 2016, 11:52 AM
Originally Posted by Decrayer View Post
I just wanted to update: I tried Combat Manager yesterday and it worked really great. It has a very nice balance between covering most of the often used stuff (dice rolling, treasure generation, common fights stats displaying, hitpoints counting) without getting too complicated. The only thing I missed was the option, to reduce the hitpoints by a certain amount instead of having to calculate them on my own. But on the other hand, calculating this stuff on my own is a nice training. Oh, and I didn't find the combat round we are in yesterday, but today I had a second look at it and I found it (I didn't expect it to be on the right side). And for multiple dice rolls, I prevered hero lab (6d6 for example).

So to conclude, thank you very much, Dhrakken. It still will not replace HeroLab for the rest of the character handling, but it helps to replace the tactical console.
I'm glad it worked for you! I too continue to use Hero Labs extensively but since the tactical console just doesn't quite cut the mustard for actual combat yet, combat manager is a nice alternative until that day where it hopefully will.
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