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Hail, Masterminds! Version 3.8 of the dataset for Mutants & Masterminds Third Edition is now available. This update adds in archetypes and NPCs from the Hero High sourcebook. Here's a complete changelist for this update:

Enhancements & Changes
  • Material from Hero High has now been added to the dataset, including new archetypes and equipment.
  • A new benefit advantage has been added allowing Athletics to be based off Agility instead of Strength.

Bug Fixes
  • Several long-standing bugs for constructs have been corrected.
    • Immobile constructs were having their Dexterity removed instead of Agility. This has been corrected. Existing immobile constructs will not have their ability scores changed by this fix.
    • Immobile constructs now lose their Dodge defense if their Agility hasn't been changed from nonexistent.
    • Constructs with their optional attributes set to zero were having them reset to nonexistent.
  • Leaping and Speed had the wrong action types.
  • Mystic Bolt's name was wrong once it had been added to the character.
  • Wealth (independently wealthy) was misspelled.
  • The cat, monkey, and viper snake had incorrect athletics totals.
  • The triggered extra was showing one too many uses.

Data File Authoring
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