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Zan Thrax
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Old September 16th, 2012, 04:10 PM
Is the "Cleric trading Domains Bon Feat" variant class how I'm supposed to trade domains to get domain devotion feats? Because it seems that it only opens up Acrobatic and Agile as feats to take in place of the domains
There are two options for this variant class. One of them adds Acrobatic and Agile. The other adds metamagic feats. Unfortunately, I'm not familiar enough with this variant option to know if that's correct. If its not correct, can you please explain exactly how in the community bug thread?
Basically, you remove a domain from the character and get the matching domain devotion feat for free.

In addition, you can choose to give up access to a domain in exchange for the corresponding domain feat. Doing so allows you to select up to three domain feats, but you cannot prepare domain spells or use the granted power of the sacrificed domain. In essence, you trade in a domain for an extra feat slot that you can spend only on a specific domain feat.
For example, the above cleric of Pelor could choose to give up the granted power and spells of the Good domain for the Good Devotion feat.
Domain       Devotion Feat
Removed      Gained
Air          Air
Animal       Animal
Celerity     Travel
Chaos        Chaos
Cold         Water
Community    Protection
Competition  War
Creation     Healing
Death        Death
Destruction  Destruction
Domination   Magic
Dream        Trickery
Earth        Earth
Evil         Evil
Fire         Fire
Force        Earth
Good         Good
Glory        Sun
Healing      Healing
Inquisition  Knowledge
Knowledge    Knowledge
Law          Law
Liberation   Good
Luck         Luck
Madness      Chaos
Magic        Magic
Mind         Knowledge
Mysticism    Magic
Oracle       Luck
Pact         Law
Pestilence   Destruction
Plant        Plant
Protection   Protection
Purification Healing
Strength     Strength
Summoner     Animal
Sun          Sun
Travel       Travel
Trickery     Trickery
War          War
Water        Water
Weather      Air
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