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Old September 19th, 2015, 08:53 PM
1. How do I remove/cancel a special ability granted by a type/subtype?
I have a Tannar'ri (Palrethee demon, MM2) which does not get the usual Tanar'ri resistance to cold attacks. Having added the Tanar'ri subtype, how do I remove or block the "Damage Resist Cold" from the Special Abilities list?
I've searched the forum, but haven't turned up anything that will help.

2. I have two creatures coded (Harpoon Spider & Mezzoloth, MM3) where HL has calculated its main attack damage based on STR bonus x1.5, not x1.
For the spider it makes sense (to me) that this is the right calculation, even though the MM3 differs. The Mezzoloth uses a trident one-handed with a shield, or can make 2 claw attacks. (No multi-attack) I have the claw attacks set as primary and the claw attack/damage works correctly when trident is selected/deselected as weapon, but I can't work out why the weapon damage is different. Any ideas?

Thanks and regards!
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