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Old February 17th, 2009, 06:33 AM
Originally Posted by karlhunt View Post
Don't wory Ira, I won't let the ignorant deter me from my path.
Haha, good. Will it be for download via army builder or how? Any rough idea when to check for it? Finnaly, can I be of any assistance?
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Dooks Dizzo
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Old February 19th, 2009, 08:01 AM
Thanks a ton Karl for the work you're putting into this. I am a brand new Lizzie player and I really look forward to being able to tweak around with list idea's in AB thanks to your efforts.
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Old February 22nd, 2009, 11:17 AM
Great Karlhunt .... waiting for the next great update.
I have been looking around in those data-files with ABCreator but i don't really get it. There's too much info and data to be put in.

So i am waiting with patience till someone has done the pile of work and puts it for download.

[edit]Been looking some more at the files. It is like almost a complete rewrite for lizardmen.dat. So much that can be deleted and so much that has to be added. So i'd say, show some respect to Karl[/edit]

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Old February 24th, 2009, 03:17 AM
Just a quick update on this so you don't think I've abbandoned you. The file is coming along nicely, I have all of the basic unit's stats in (I think) and I'm trying to work out some kinks with rules validations and special abilities. Once all of teh basics are 100% I will start building special characters. This is my first data file so it may take a while. Just bear with me.
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Old February 24th, 2009, 10:15 AM
I guess you started from scratch? I've been trying to change the old datafiles, but that's a b*tch. I succeeded in deleting the spawnings and some other stuff, but right after i delete the last error (Given when starting Armybuilder, to check if it works) it gives me an error about 'unexpected stuff' and it will not even start AB after that.
I started over like 4 times, over and over again downloading and installing the new Warhammer data-files. Now i grew sick of it, i let someone else try.
So, GOOD LUCK!! and thx.
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Old February 25th, 2009, 03:19 PM
thx for your help karl! karls files will be included in teh official files and will be released soon.

everyone, pls remember that games workshop is happier if we wait a month after teh army book releases to release the files - we dont want to annoy them. :~) the lizardman book should hopefully be out around that timeframe.

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Old February 27th, 2009, 02:43 PM
So when did the book release? I've been out of the loop for awhile and have been thinking about getting Army Builder for different reasons, including starting up a new fantasy army. I can't quite find a site that says the book released on XX, but it seems it possibly released early-mid February? So we're thinking (and I know it is just thinking, no guarantee) early-mid March?
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Old February 27th, 2009, 03:05 PM
iirc the book came out around feb 7th-10th, so i will get lizardmen out within the 1st 2 weeks of march thanks to karlhunt :~)
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Old March 2nd, 2009, 08:43 AM
I got bored this week :lol: and put some hours in AB3.1 so now i have a temporary file for download, including Lizardmen. The lizardmen-data is completely stripped and only a normal army can be chozen. (no special armies at this point).
I am not a scripter so there are a few things i could not get to work properly (they could be scripted), ie.
--The first Discipline of the Ancients for a Slann is free but in AB it will show as 50 points. (09-03 Fixed. When choosing Slann it will show 225 points (instead 275) till first free Discipline is chosen
-Skink Chief save when on Stegadon can be influenced by giving him armor/shield. Save should be uninfluenced 2+/3+.
-To be able to vary the Salamander/Razordon crew from 3 to 4 i gave the crew 5 points each but it does function quite well.](09-03 Fixed. Salamanders and Razordons now show 75 points
-You can take more than 1 Kroxigor for every 8 Skinks. 16-03 Fixed
-US of Characters with Stegadons (and crew) is not accurate. Should be US10 total. (08-03 Fixed, now shows US 10 for Stegadon)
-When Kroq-Gar is present as General, a maximum of 1 unit of Cold One Cavalry should show as a Core choice. (07-03: Fixed, as choice under Kroq-Gar, again.)
-03-03: Added +1 casting and +1 dispel dice (on roster output) for Priest when mounting Ancient Stegadon
- 12-03 Fixed the save when mounted on Carnosaur
- 12-03 Removed large target for Slann
- 12-03 Fixed costs for Light Armor on Scar Vet
- 13-03 Fixed Stegadon costs for Chief
- 13-03 Fixed costs for Rod of the Storm
- 14-03 Fixed some stats.
- 14-03 Fixed the Save for Chief on Stegadons. (Light) Armor and Shield(s) can be added without improving save
- 15-03 Fixed save for Oldbood on Carnosaur
- 15-03 Fixed some more stats (Kroq-Gar, Slann, Tehen)
- 15-03 Stegadon Warspear can now only be selected when mounted. (Can still be chosen on terradon, needs fixing)
- 15-03 Fixed warning about 2 BSB's when taking Mazdamundi.
- 16-03 Fixed Shield save for Gor-Rok.
- 19-03 Fixed Revered Guardian's magic item allowance. (But still have to fix the max. magic 1 item)
- 20-03 Fixed Revered Guardian's magic allowance. Halberd and shield will react on chosing magic weapons or magic armor. (Allowance of max 1 magic item still needs fixing)
- 25-03 Removed 'Large Target' for Carnosaur and Grymloc
- 25-03 Fixed some stats
- 26-03 Fixed costs for Burning Blade of Chotec
- 27-03 Fixed Carnosaur, now S7.
- 02-04 I changed the validation-rule about using 'magic weapon & mundane weapon' into a warning.
It is allright to take a magic weapon and a mundane weapon. You just can not use the mundane one if you can use the magic ones.
But when it comes to a mundane CC-weapon and a magic ranged weapon it is allowed to have them both. (i.e. Staff of the Lost Sun/Mundane CC-weapon)

Download here

I do think Karlhunt will do a better job. I just had a week off and took a look at the datafile. So till he comes up with a better file you can use mine. Just keep in mind that it can have a few flaws.

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Old March 7th, 2009, 11:56 PM
So incredibly greatful for the people putting down time and effort into this datafile. Longing to get out of pen and paper and into building armies more efficiently. Does anyone know what program language was used for building the army builder?
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