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Old February 17th, 2018, 01:03 PM
I've noticed a lot of my activated abilities still haven't been showing up in the tab, and I've been trying to deduce why. Turns out it has to be a Special (has to have Helper.ShowSpec assigened) before it will show up as an Activated Ability.

Normally, this is ok, no problem. But, there are situations in which I have created a "chooser" which is just a helper to turn something off or on to create different versions of the same creature. For example, the monstrous spider is a web-spinner or a hunter, and I had two checkboxes to determine which applied. I don't have a need to show that particular feature under the Specials tab and I've been having a devil of at time figuring out why just putting a Activation Name in the field isn't working (as was mentioned in a previous release, putting a name in there automatically assigns the Helper.ShowActAb1 or 2) so that it displays the ability, since it appears it will only appear if the feature is also a Special.

BTW, Tracked Resources work fine, they show up if hTotal is not 0 and the Helper.ShowCharge is assigned, even without the Helper.ShowSpec assigned. I would assume they both worked the same way.

Is that intended behavior, or a bug? Thanks!!

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