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Originally Posted by kbs666 View Post
You're still asking for something that will inevitably do harm to someone. There is a harmless option available. It may annoy you but its there and it takes literally the same number of mouse clicks or keystrokes. I can see no benefit.
I strongly disagree. The potential problems you are speaking about are there already. The Remove Protection feature is already there, and can break import, as you say, and has a warning about it. The editing features that are not unlocked by removing protection now can't do much more damage (if any at all).
To tell the truth, I think that the best solution will be a three-level protection, one that does not allow any change to global categories (as it is now if you do not remove protection), one that simply enable to add snippets and change the order of the existing ones (this hardly can create problems when exporting / importing, while as it is now, if you remove protection you can) and a third one that make global categories the same as user created ones, with full editing capabilities.
From what you say, it seems that you would like to see the "Remove protection" feature removed at all, or strongly limited, but I'm on the opposite side.
About the "same number of mouse clicks or keystrokes", sorry but this is simply not true. I will be glad to discuss this further, but...[/QUOTE]

Originally Posted by kbs666 View Post
Further I do not want to derail this topic with this discussion.
No problem about this, it is your topic This was my last post in this topic about this matter.

Originally Posted by kbs666 View Post
This is for features that are widely desired and this isn't one.
If you say so, I belive you. Still, it's one of my top requests, so I'll open a new topic about this, later in the development process (if there are more widely desired features, they deserv priority).
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