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Old May 25th, 2020, 11:04 PM
I'm attempting to set up a custom race. I have to race, along with two subraces set up and they seem to be working. But one subrace starts with proficiency in one skill (Intimidate), while the other subrace starts with a proficiency in a differenty skill (Survival). How do I assign starting skills to a subrace?

Edit: I still have not figured out the skill proficiency issue, but I have also come across another problem I can't figure out. The race I'm creating has two subrace options. I have the subraces set up, but when I can't get them to show up when I select the race during character creation. The race shows up, and I get the appropriate starting languages, but no options for subraces shows up.

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Old May 26th, 2020, 04:51 AM
In the editor, on the subrace tab, you can assign skills to a subrace using the Class Skills edit button. If for some reason that button is not there you can add skills by adding a skill as a tag but you need to know the ID of the skill, for example: Acrobatics is added by having the tag ProfSkill.skAcrobat. When you hit the Tags button on your subrace you just need to type ProfSkill in the GroupID field and skAcrobat in the Tag ID field.

Also on that same tab for a subrace, the first button for editing the subrace is Subrace Of. If you're choosing a race that might have a couple of versions or a name that's the same as an existing race you need to make sure the version you created is the one you chose. This can be verified over in the Tags button again, you should have a tag that shows Subrace.rID where rID is the ID of the race this subrace is part of.
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