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Old January 8th, 2017, 06:44 PM
Hello and thank you for this article.
I'm trying to code up the Riven Mage from the Genius Guide to the Riven Mage.
I've been mostly successful so far but I have a problem.
After much effort I succeeded in getting the Editor to display the total Flux Points correctly but now I'm trying to work out how to code in selecting the Rivenspells known.
I've tried coding it as a Class Special but it's more like selecting Spells Known than anything else and I couldn't get the Editor to treat the value appropriately.
I've experimented with calling them Spells or Powers but it doesn't feel right; they don't have levels.
Currently I'm trying to code them as the Secondary Custom Ability for the class, but according to the Guide, the number of Rivenspells known at first level is 2+Int; so far, I can get the count on the Custom Ability to be 2, but not 2+Int.
I haven't been able to find out what this field or value might be called (in order to add the Int Mod Bonus to it), in either the Help on Using the Editor or the Authoring Kit Wiki; my guesses have so far been inaccurate.
This class feature seems different enough from any other class feature I've encountered that I can't remember any other similar class feature that I could try to copy in order to get the right result.
Any tips on how I might fix this problem or approach it differently would be greatly appreciated
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