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Old September 16th, 2011, 10:58 PM
Version 1.4 of the Shadowrun files are now available from the automatic updates mechanism within Hero Lab. This release adds a lot of work on spirits - now, when you summon spirits on the magic tab, you'll get that spirit as a separate character within the same portfolio. You can hide that other character by un-checking the box next to the spirit's name on the Magic tab. All that spirit's settings (the optional powers you've seected for it, any gear you've given it to hold, etc.) will be saved for the next time you open it.

Here's the change list, copied from the FAQ:

Enhancements & Changes
  • Added an adjustment to the Permanent Adjustments list on the Personal tab for the minimum number of contacts a character must start with.
  • The spirit selections on the Magic tab now add full characters for the spirits you have added.
Bug Fixes
  • Pressing the button on the Advances tab to roll starting cash was only including the dice and the multiplier, but not the bonus from leftover resources.
  • The availabilities of bows and arrows were 2 higher than they should be.
  • The Trauma patch had the text from the Antidote patch.
  • If a characters initiative passes are reduced during combat (for example, a mage dropping out of astral space) the change now takes effect immediately, not on the following initiative pass.
  • Advancements added to a skill group were not being included in the ratings of the linked skills.
  • Negative Street Cred amounts on the journal were not always being incorporated into the final Street Cred value.
  • Increases to Knowledge Skills on the Advances tab were reporting errors they shouldn't be reporting.
  • The Low Pain Tolerance quality was not being turned off if it was bought off with Karma.
  • Skillwires were allowing too high a rating for individual skillsofts.
  • Cyber lower arms were not being properly incorporated into the dicepool for weapons.
  • The damage value of a cyber-spur should be (STR/2)+3, not (STR/2)+6.
  • Lifestyles were incorrectly asking the user to set a rating.
  • On the Weapon:Ranged tab in the editor, only a single fire mode could be added to a weapon.
Data File Authoring
  • Ranged weapons can now set their inherent recoil compensation.
  • Fixed some broken links in the manual and authoring documentation.
  • Added all the Critter Powers from the Core Rulebook/
  • Added the Race, Spirit tab.
  • Added the Spirit Helper tab.
  • Now that spirit races can be edited, here's the set of steps to enter a new spirit
    1. Create a new race for the spirit on the Race, Spirit tab.
    2. Make sure to use "Test Now!" on your new race.
    3. On the Dicepool Helper tab, create three new entries - one will be for the Summoning Skill, the second for the Banishing skill, and the third for the Binding skill. Select your new spirit race as the "Spirit/Sprite Category" for each of these.
    4. On the Spirit Helper tab, create a new entry, and select your new spirit race for both the "Spirit Type" and "Spirit Race" options.
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Old September 17th, 2011, 05:48 AM
About a month since the last update, not a bad pace. Thanks for the post-release work Mathias.
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Old September 19th, 2011, 02:31 PM
There were some pretty big bugs in 1.4 (like a bug that prevents you from making use of Sprites), so version 1.6 was just released.
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