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Pathfinder Player Companion: Blood of Ancients
Page 4—The restored glory power does not restore expended objects such as alchemist's fire or a bead of force. A vestige bloodline sorcerer can replace her bonded object as normal.

Page 8—Replace all references to "hard cover" in the eclipse version of Auspicious Birth with "cover".

Page 10—The ioun kineticist's ioun buffer ability can store 1 point at 6th level, 2 points at 11th level, and 3 points at 16th level. The dull gray ioun stones granted by the ioun cloud ability have a resale price of 0 gp.

Page 12—An arcane warden must meet the prerequisites for any bonus feats.

Page 15—Replace the break spell arcana's last sentence to the following: "The magus must be at least 15th level and have the shielding arm arcana before selecting this arcana."

Page 20—Replace the second sentence in the Pao-Lung Self-Improvement feat's benefit entry with the following: For the next 24 hours, you gain a +1 bonus on checks of that type; the bonus increases by 1 every time you fail that type of check (maximum +5)."

Page 30—Add the following to the end of the second tenet of Osiris's paladin code: "I will show the utmost respect when exploring burial sites and recover only what I need from the dead, doing my best to avoid damaging their remains." Because Pathfinder Society scenarios often involve exploring tombs and even recovering important objects from them, this addition is intended to provide enough flexibility that a paladin of Osiris can participate in adventures.

Page 31—Using the Tekritanin ability for at least 1 hour in conjunction with a divergent language applies the ability's benefit until the end of the adventure; this ability does not permanently grant benefits to divergent languages in organized play.

Pathfinder Player Companion: Melee Tactics Toolbox

Page 31—Make the following modifications to the vine strike spell. Replace the beginning of the second sentence with "While this spell is in effect, one of your natural attacks or unarmed strikes..." A creature who succeeds at a Reflex save against this spell is immune to its entangle effect for 1 round.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Distant Realms
Page 12—In the adaptive shifter archetype, unfettered wild shape replaces both wild shape and shifter's fury (see the Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Wilderness FAQ on paizo.com).

Page 13—Sever alignment is an advanced talent.

Page 22—In the realm wanderer archetype, deceptive subtlety replaces both track and wild empathy. The skill bonuses granted by this ability do not stack with the ones granted by favorite enemy. In the queen's bond ability, use the animal companion's HD to determine the benefits it gains from the fiendish template. Remove the last sentence in parentheses in this ability—a realm wander may chose to gain a non-fiendish animal companion, but doing so takes 48 hours instead of 24.

Page 32—In the Heavenly Bane feat, a "weapon imbued with the bane special quality" refers to a weapon enhanced by the bane class feature, not a magic weapon with the bane property.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Planar Adventures
Page 17—A planar scout chooses a specific plane with her planar terrains ability, rather than a customized feature of planar geography.

Page 25—When you divert an attack to yourself with Archon Diversion, it does not automatically hit you; instead, it targets your AC.

Page 27—The staggered effect from Diabolic Style is a mind-affecting effect.

Page 28—If you have more than one tail, select one tail to receive the benefits of Grasping Tail and all feats that list it as a prerequisite.

Page 33—Spells that do not require an attack roll to hit or allow a saving throw to resist cannot be affected with Tumultuous Spell. A creature affected by a tumultuous spell stops before walking into a square that it knows is intrinsically dangerous, such as a pit or a wall of fire.

Page 38—Characters who travel to a plane with anywhere but here and do not have plane shift or another means of reliably returning to Golarion may spend 5 PP at the end of the adventure to be returned to the Grand Lodge.

Page 44—For the planewarp option in the quintessence mastery spell, use the standard rules for determining a spell's level as specified in the Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide.

Page 46—Billowing armor makes its wearer immune to constriction, which refers to damage dealt by the constrict ability.

Page 46—Cotraveling armor cannot be used to travel to extradimensional spaces.

Page 47—Replace the middle of the last sentence of Purgatory's cowl with "the wearer can draw upon the departed creature's essence to treat her level as 2 higher for spells..."

Page 53—A briar bomb's duration is one minute.
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