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Old August 8th, 2018, 11:20 AM
These may be discussed elsewhere, but I can't seem to find them so:

1. Can we add a way to do a "save realm" or "save realm and exit" within the menu system of RW when it is open? It is non-intuitive and clunky to have to hit the 'X' button to close it, then be presented with the "Exit wihout sync" or "Go to Realms List" window. When I first started using the software, this confused the heck out of me until I clicked through to the "Go to Realms List" window. Sometimes I just want to hit a button and know it will sync and close.

Every other piece of Windows software I have ever used has some sort of a "file" menu where you can save, save-as, etc. Having to x-out in order to get to the Launcher/Realm management screen is clunky.

2. If the Realm Works Launcher window is open, it needs to have a "minimize" button. Why does it have to float on the screen with no way to minimize it? I often have this open so I can click back through to a realm quickly without having to log-in all over again (which can take several seconds), but the window is always floating there on the screen. I thought the basic "bar-square-X" (minimize, maximize, close) was sort of a standard thing built into windows.

3. Is there now, or will there ever be, any way to have more than one instance of RW open at a time? Quite frankly, the tab system is not very friendly for having both the Mechanics Reference and the World Almanac open at the same time. I find I don't even use any of the reference material I build in just because I lose track of my tabs, or get too many tabs open and the program crashes. If I could have two separate windows (on two screens), one running my game content in the Almanac, and one with the mechanics reference open, my life would be MUCH easier. As it is, I just pull open a pdf, or google drive, or website, in another window (or soon, DnD beyond) so that I can find references without opening a bunch of RW tabs, which quickly outgrows the RW screen real estate or ability to handle without crashing.

overall I love what RW offers and does, but there are a number of frustrating issues like this that make it feel clunky and outdated, like '90's vintage software.
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Old August 15th, 2018, 02:45 PM
So, Re #1

This is not a file-based application. Because it is a database application, every time you save your changes on a Tab, it is committed to the database and there is no need for an additional "Save" function. For the same reason, there is no "Save As.. ", because the only file is the entire database file with all Realms in one.

Syncing is not "saving".. it is 'publishing" your changes to the Server. If your players have Player account access to your Realm, they can use Sync from their side to "pull" any changes you have "published". Other than that, some people consider syncing to the Server to be a good way to "back up" their Realms... but it is not the only backup, as the application has a tool for making a local backup. Its other use is to allow you, the GM, to work on it from multiple machines (though only one at a time) where you have RW installed. You can always pull your latest version from the Server if you sync it after each change; however, if you don't sync and make changes on more than one machine, one version will eventually have to be discarded.

All that said, you never HAVE to sync. You can go on with local backups for months or years working away on your copy. If you are not planning to have your players access a Realm on their own, you never HAVE to sync it.
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