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Old July 26th, 2018, 07:27 PM
Hi Rob / Dave and who ever the new guy is,

We have discussed this before but I feel it needs to be raised again.

Can we please please please get some sort of system for managing realms within the Realm Works Launcher.

I now have 62 realms in my list!

That list is not going to shrink. It's going to keep growing. I will not delete realms because as we all know, exports you take now may not necessarily be compatible with future releases of Realm Works. I'm never going to take that risk of losing my data.

Just the ability to create a parent folder so we can put various realms into those folders would be a significant improvement. I would create an example structure like below in a heart beat and it would give me much better understanding of the mess that I currently have in my list.

* Campaign Realms
* Source Books
* Import Tests
* Official Data Entry

I would also love if you could add columns to the list.
Name | Sync Status | Topics | Last Update (Date)

This would allow more efficient management of the realms in our lists so we can easily identify things we are safe to delete etc.

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Old July 26th, 2018, 07:43 PM
+1 here
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Old July 26th, 2018, 08:03 PM
+1 to this
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Old July 26th, 2018, 10:02 PM
+1, too.

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Old July 27th, 2018, 02:21 AM
+1 all around
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Old July 27th, 2018, 05:10 AM
I only have 7 realms right now, but 3 of them are templates, lol.
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Old July 27th, 2018, 10:25 AM
Also the ability to sort based on the columns Josh asked for.

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Old July 27th, 2018, 12:36 PM
+1. Don't have much realms at this time, but the parent concept would be a great ideal.
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Old July 28th, 2018, 02:07 AM
+1. I think this would be helpful as my list of realms grows.


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Old July 28th, 2018, 04:25 AM
Have to give this one a +1... needed as realms spawn.
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