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Old August 7th, 2018, 07:45 AM
Hi all!

I've been working with Kairos' Doctor Who dataset (btw, he did a great job on it!), using the editor to add some custom traits, gadgets and races. There's a chooser_table on the character for selecting a Tech Level. I added an Auto-Add to a custom race to set the pick selection for the chooser so when the user picks a race, it sets that Tech Level. This part is working but if I change the race to another that also has the Auto-Add, I get this error: "auto-add failed - chooser "stTL" already has a pick selected". I don't get the error if I change to a race without the auto-add or manually change the Tech Level. I know I need to clear/delete the pick but I haven't been able to figure out how (or if it's possible)... I've been looking through the Wiki and forums for a couple days and haven't found anything yet.

Would something like this work better in an eval script than an auto-add?

Any advice is welcome.

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Old August 16th, 2018, 05:22 PM
I'm afraid to say that this sort of conflict is why we don't make much use of auto-adds in our own files - we reserve it primarily for gear bundles, and we tend to stay away from starting gear packages and things like that because of the potential that the user will change their mind about which option to add, which changes the things that need to get auto-added. This is a case where I'd use a validation error to complain until the user sets the correct tech level, instead of auto-adding a tech level (unless this is a case where there's a default tech level for each race, but characters can vary from that default).

(As a note, I rarely visit this forum, so I'm sorry about not noticing this question earlier - if you have "how to" questions about how to use the authoring kit or how best to accomplish something, I recommend using the Authoring Kit forum - this forum is intended for users to announce their creations, talk to others about what they've done and coordinate projects if more than one person is working on something).
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Join Date: Dec 2014
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Old August 17th, 2018, 05:19 AM
Thanks for the reply! Kairos' data set doesn't have a default tech level field for races, this is just something I've been playing with learning how things work under the hood. The validation error sounds like a better way to do it since characters can vary from a race's "default".

No worries about not getting to it earlier, I'm sure you've been swamped with GenCon and catching up on things after that.
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