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Old April 27th, 2014, 01:32 AM
I upgraded to Hero Lab 5.1 on my primary computer today. I bought a license for Hero Lab a couple of months ago. I only use this license on my primary computer. After the upgrade, I received a dialog stating, "Your installed license is configured for a different version of Hero Lab and cannot be used. You must obtain a keyfile for the current version. To accomplish this automatically, please go to the 'License' menu and select 'Reactivate current license.'

Until your license is properly updated, Hero Lab can only run in demonstration mode. For the current game system, you you [sic] will only have access to a limited set of the powers, skills, and abilities available in the licensed version of Hero Lab. You will also be unable to print and save your character."

Fine. So I followed those instructions, and received a second dialog stating, "This license number cannot be automatically reassigned yet. To combat software piracy, licenses cannot be automatically reassigned for 120 days after they are issued, or for another 120 days after being reassigned. For further details, consult the Hero Lab license agreement. ..."

The upgrade clause in the license agreement covers upgrades to one's computer within 120 days, not upgrades to the software. Even if it did specify the 120 day rule for upgraded versions of the software, this would still be blatantly unfair, especially since there is no warning during the software upgrade process itself. Lone Wolf's hamfisted anti-piracy effort is effectively penalizing legitimate paying users like myself by a) not clarifying in the license agreement or the update dialog that software updates on a single computer will cripple the software, either for 120 days minus the time since the previous install or upgrade, or for the ridiculous three business days for a renewal request; and b) not just automatically renewing the license for an upgrade in the first place.

Don't treat paying users like pirates. Fix this.
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Old April 27th, 2014, 05:02 PM
I update and upgrade every time they put out a new version or new data files. My license renews itself, and I've never had my installation go into demo mode after I bought it. The program is not made to cripple itself if an upgrade comes out less that 120 days from the last one, and Lone Wolf isn't trying to treat you as a pirate.

There was an error somewhere, corrupted data, user error, or something of the like. Also, as I understand it, the three days is the maximum they'll take to do the renewal. I usually see them take care of these issues far faster than that.

Sorry your installation got messed up somehow, but calm down, no one's trying to screw you.
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Old April 27th, 2014, 06:32 PM
This sort of post happens every few months. 99% of the time the issue is you used the same License key on two different computers.

LW is a friendly small company and are NOT out to screw anyone. They are also not a faceless large corporation with nothing but a mouth piece. If you go to GenCon in example the people you meet at the LW booth will the be the exact same people on here helping gamers out.

My advice is to make sure you didn't accidentally use the same License on two different computers (ie main computer and your laptop). If you did you can do "License->Send my Licenses to me...." to get a copy of your licenses. And if you did use the same license on two computers you should be able to use your secondary license to get HL working again right now.

Then make sure you send an email to support@wolflair.com so you can get it fixed. No one on the forums can help you with this issue. Most likely you will get a response back in a day or so. Sometimes sooner.

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Old May 6th, 2014, 06:33 AM
I had the same error (and no custom files, no hardware change, ...)
just to mention that it happens sometimes (to the best of us )

but indeed, instead of raging, I emailed them. less than 24h later my licence was re-activated..

nice company, nice customer service ! keep up like this !

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