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Old November 10th, 2019, 01:55 AM
I am new to Hero Lab Online, having never experienced the "Classic" version, so a total newb here. My family and I play Pathfinder 2 and have a Pazio account, though we don't currently participate in the Society. (May someday, but not right now.)

That all having been said, I have some questions. (And I have spent about an hour trying to find the answers before writing, and apologize if I missed them somewhere, but beg your patience in answering.)

1) Beyond an easy way of creating a new character, what is Hero Lab?

2) And with that in mind, what are the benefits to paying the upgrade fee? Is that the only way to be able to level up characters?

3) Beyond a way to track characters, is there a way my GM can use this as well? I mean, for example, is there a GM tool that would allow them to automatically assign damage, change conditions, etc, on my character while we are playing? Or be able to view the character sheet in real time so they could secretly look up stats?

4) My husband and (adult) children are primarily who participates in the games right now. With 4 or 5 of us playing, does that mean we need multiple accounts in order to all have our own characters? Or can we use one account and be able to log in to it on multiple devices at once?

It was hard to find a current list of features that says "This is what HLO is and why you should subscribe." So perhaps someone could take this as more of a suggestion thread for a starter FAQ.

Also, the "what's coming" thread that is pinned doesn't seem to have been updated in nearly 2 years, so what is "done" versus what is "still in development" would be nice to know too.

Thank you.
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Old November 17th, 2019, 07:30 AM
1- You can also use it as your character sheet during game play. It has automated features on the play tab in the upper left for rolling dice, keeping track of bonus's and what not. There are things I keep track of on paper as well, but that is its other feature

2- Levelling up is the main benefit of purchasing/subscribing.

3- Not that I know of. It is currently a way for someone to make and play characters.

4- This is my complaint too, yes everyone would currently need their own accounts to run their own characters at the same time. You could use 1 account to make and level up characters, but you can only log into 1 account on 1 machine at time. This means if everyone wants to see a real time version of their HLO character right now they have to have their own account with the paid add ons added needed for what they are using.

I currently use it to assist in creating characters, print out their information and transcribe it to paper character sheets for my family for play. then when it comes time to level up we will use HLO for that too.
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Old November 17th, 2019, 10:17 PM
3: The Campaign Theater is a GM tool that should allow this and its currently in development.

4: Currently you would all need a separate account. Shared licenses are something that is meant to be a part of HLO. There has been no timeline from LW as to when this will be made possible.

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