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dizpatch1 at verizon.net
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Old November 1st, 2004, 10:22 PM
Ok. I'm the data file author for Lord of the Rings. I would appreciate any
comments on what users would like to have happen with the following.

Due out real soon - meaning about 5-6 days - is the latest update for Lord
of the Rings. It will be the first set of the War of the Ring block. It is
called Shadows. This game is - incase you've been in a closet somewhere is
produced by Decipher.

The Set will be 266 cards. Instead of producing a parallel foil for the
entire set, the big D in their infinite wisdom, has decided to only foil 18
of the cards in the set - I assume that will be from now on. In a further
act of brilliance they have changed all the collectors info on the foiled
cards so that it is not the same as the standard cards.

example. Elven Marksmanship is card number 17 in the set and I have
designated it as follows:

Sdw11R17 which equates to Shadows (set #11), rare, card #17. The foil
version of this card has been tagged by Decipher as 11RF2. Set #11 rare
foil card 2.

Normally - since there was ALMOST always a foil of each standard style card
it was easy to just have both styles in the set and both cards had the same
collectors info.

The way I see it I can either ignore the foil number and just tag those 18
cards as having 2 styles - standard and foil, or I can create a Shadows Foil
set of 18 with their own unique collectors info #s. Or - I suppose - if it
were possible I could do a subset of the set - but I don't know if that is
even possible.

So I'm asking what the folks that will be using this data file might think.
I'm quite frankly leaning towards just tagging those 18 cards as foils
within the Shadows set, (I could put the collectors info for the foils in
the notes section.) but I can honestly see where real hardcore collectors
would like to see the original collectors info as a card in itself.

If this needs to be clarified or made more understandable let me know, and
I look forward to any comments/opinions you may have on the subject.

Just so you know, the Return of the King Anthology and any new posted promo
cards will be included in the update to the datafiles.



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