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Old April 12th, 2010, 11:59 PM
I've come across a few issues when using this datafile, most of which are minor:

In chaos, the Slaughter class cruiser has the wrong speed listed: it's 5cm too slow.

Space marine escort vessels have incorrect point values. They should all be increased by 5 points as they are SM "Rapid Strike Vessels" and pay the cost of having SM crew.

In the armageddon fleet list, I cannot figure out how to take the space marine options.

In the Tyranid list, the rules are incorrect for the ratio of Hive Drones to hive ships: only 6 escorts of any kind are required per hive ship, not 6 Escort Drones. The fleet list says, and I quote, "You may include between 6 and 12 escort class ships for each hive ship. If no hive ships are chosen, only Kraken and Vanguard drone ships may be included in the fleet." This means that when you take a Hive ship, you must take any 6 from any of the 3 classes, as long as it meets the standard rules for squadrons (i.e, minimum of 2 ships per squadron).

Furthermore, in tyranids, some of the evolution options are missing. Some of the ones I noticed missing: Psychic Scream, Mucous Membranes, More Discharge Vents, Accelerated Healing, Drone Link, Tenacity, and Mega-Spore Mines.

That's all I've noticed so far. Bang-up job so far, mate!
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