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See here: PDF version of the AR

Equipment: All equipment in this book with a listed item level and price is legal for play except for
the EMP weapon fusion and flux fig.
Feats: All feats in this book are legal for play except Periastra Training.
Spell: All Spells in this book are legal for play.
Races: All races in this book are disallowed for play without special access via a Chronicle sheet,
except for the Izalguuns which are always available (see https://paizo.com/community/blog/
Creature Companions: The rules for creature companions are legal, with the following modifications:
• PCs can only purchase the “Companions of the Pact Worlds” listed in this product and cannot
create their own companions.
• PCs can purchase companions for the credit price listed in the “Creature Companions Statistics”
table, though they must follow all rules for purchasing items.
• A PC cannot purchase a pet with a higher level than their current level.
• As per the companion rules, when a PC gains a new level, they can choose to pay the difference in
cost between the cost of the companion’s current level and the cost of bringing the companion up to
the PC’s current level. Such levelling can only occur between scenarios.
• A companion cannot have a level lower or greater than the level ranges listed in its statblock.


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