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See here: PDF version of the AR

Starfinder Character Operations Manual All content in this book is allowed for play with the following exceptions:
Chapter 1
Themes: Grifter and Noble Scion.
Alternate Race Options: Swarmer [Ysoki], Cultural Chameleon [Half-Elf ], Skittish [Halfling],
Spells: Preserve Specimen, Shrink Object
Feats: Enhanced Communalism, Profession Mastery, Diverse Conditioning, Multifaceted Nature
Chapter 2
Class Options: Tranq Dart [Biohacker Theorem], Hobble Creature [Witchwarper Paradigm Shift],
Unveil Reality [Witchwarper Paradigm Shift]
Alternate Class Features:
Envoy—Polymorphic Disguise [Alternate Class Feature], Phalanx Fighting [Improvisation],
Sudden Shift [Improvisation], Saving Expertise [Expertise Talent]
Mystic—Solar Connection [Epiphany], Lingering Spell [Epiphany], Guided Reincarnation
[Epiphany], Modify Memory [Epiphany], Melophile [Connection]
Operative—Stunt and Strike [Alternate Class Feature; Computer Dirty trick only], Quick Trick
[Alternate Class Feature], Audacity [Exploit],
Soldier—Multi-Weapon Versatility [Feat Boost], Qi Adept [Fighting Style], Wrathful Warrior
[Fighting Style], Unburdened Shield [Gear Boost],
Technomancer—Cache Augmentation [Alternate Class Feature], Genehacker’s Cache [remove
baleful polymorph as a 6th-level spell option only; the rest of Genehacker’s Cache is legal for
play], Brain Hacker [Magic Hack]
Archetypes: Esotericist [Magical Devotion only], Fixer, Free Trader, Starwright [Inubrix Armor and
Abyssium Weapons only]
Chapter 3
Feats: Defensive Roll
Chapter 5
Spells: Awaken Computer, Blast Door, Delay Countermeasures, Hoverdisk, Mass Hoverdisk,
Instant Upgrade, Know Coordinates, Nanite Form, Optimize Technology
Chapter 6
Downtime: The Downtime rules are not used in Organized Play with the exception of the Rebuild
Drone activity for mechanics.


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